Wolf Alice @ The Dome, Brighton

Slowly, the lights faded away. Wolf Alice took their place on stage and commenced, what was going to be an incredible night, with Heavenward. Ellie Rowsell’s angelic voice floated delicately throughout the song. In contrast to the heavenly opening song, the audience was suddenly thrown into a whirling mosh pit as Yuk Foo began. The entire audience shrieked along to every single lyric. St Purple & Green was later played. The visuals paired with the glowing green & purple tones filled the room beautifully.

Further down the set came fan-favourite, Silk. The belowing audience could almost overpower Wolf Alice. Two songs later came Formidable Cool.


Finally came the iconic Moaning Lisa Smile. Thunderous guitars thrashed along to the melody. The audience fell into a sweaty pit. Rowsell danced around the stage, singing to the crowd. Visions Of A Like was then played, followed by Fluffy. Wolf Alice exited the stage. Immediately the demands of encore began.

Returning to the stage, they started the encore with Blush. Lights faded to a soft pink hue. Blush live was a truly beautiful experience that night. The set ended with Giant Peach as Rowsell threw herself into the crowd on the final lyrics.



The Brighton based rockers have just dropped a huge new video for single “Bubblegum”. It’s rammed packed with everything you could wish for. Making out, moshing and a giant piece of bubblegum that swallows everyone up in its path.

For the video the band recruited their fans by shouting out and asking them on social media. It’s a perfect opener to their debut EP “Heavy”. There’s also clips of front woman Theresa Jarvis performing sick dance moves from inside the bubblegum bubble.

Wonderland Magazine have also announced that the band will be performing a killer headline gig at London’s The Garage in February.

Feature image courtesy of Hollie Fernando:


Fluffer Pit Parties: Black Lips return for a mega night at the Old Coronet Theatre

Arguably the world’s best garage band right now, Black Lips are returning to London after last year’s insane warehouse party. They’re returning for the second pit party on the back of the release of their new album ‘Satan’s Graffiti or god’s Art?’.

Fluffer are hosting the gig in the iconic settings of the Old Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle. Sadly this is one of the last ever gigs at the venue due to the lost battle against developers. More of an excuse to make the gig a memorable one to give the venue a good old bow out.

The line up features the headliners Black Lips, Future of the Left, Warmduscher (Fat White Family and Childhood supergroup) and a Bo Ningen and Pins DJ set.


Pit Party founder & Fluffer Records boss Al Brown says ‘If you think last years Black Lips party was off the hook wait till November 24th. For the first time ever we’ll be an in the round stage at the Coronet theatre in London. Black Lips are inviting all their friends along. Party of the year? Think century’.
Tickets are available here:  https://www.pitparties.com/
Don’t miss out!

Tame Impala – Currents B-Sides & Remixes

Since Currents came out in summer 2015 Kevin Parker’s Project Tame Impala have been smashing it. They’ve played the Sunset slot at Glastonbury 2016, won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album, and not to mention playing sold out shows all round the world, including a UK Arena tour. Now this year, Tame have been quiet until about a month ago when a video was uploaded to YouTube from Feb 2014 of Kevin in his studio jamming out one of the B-sides from Currents. The video teasing: ‘Currents B-Sides and Remixes’ was scheduled to come out 17th November.

The EP consists of five slow, melodic psych-pop tracks (two of them are remixes). Each track is built from groovy bass lines, funky but steady drum beats and then obviously Parker’s many synths. However, there’s not that much guitar playing on the songs, it’s mainly just synths.

In the opener ‘List Of People (To Try And Forget About)’, Parker sings about losing someone he loves and how he tries to forget and act like he’s not down about it. This is a dance-able, catchy song with a nice hook. The effects on Parker’s voice in the ending create some smooth sounding vocals, and the synths used in this part sound very gospel and choir like. The last part of the song is definitely supposed to make you feel like you’re floating through the air or something.

Track 2: ‘Powerlines’ starts out with a washed out, dreamy melody and then a thumping bass riff. As the drums slowly come in, and other sounds are thrown into the mix, the song builds nicely and leads itself into other parts of the song. Although there are no vocals on this track, it’s still very dynamic as it has a lot of different things going on in it. At the start of the song you can hear the Parker’s metronome. I thought this was interesting as it links to the teaser video which gives fans of Tame more of an insight into how Parker works and produces this material. Near the end of the song you can also hear him sip his drink… (Watch the video if you haven’t already it’s amazing).

‘Taxis Here’ is the final original track and is a very nostalgic one. Some of the lyrics, mainly in the ending, seem to be about doubting and believing. This makes an interesting story as these two aspects are contrasting. This song is probably my favourite on the EP. It’s quite reserved and tense throughout, but turns into a nice slow jam when it picks up more. It also has some nice, mellow guitar licks in the background. The lyrics at the end, paired with some classic Tame impala drumming makes for an epic ending. Maybe this track would’ve been a good album closer for Currents.

Jay Watson as ‘Gum’ appears on the album remixing ‘Reality In Motion’. You can tell it’s him on it as the remix is so weird and quirky. What he’s done to the song is great, it sounds like a completely new one. It has some funky keyboard playing on it, and some swirling synth sounds. The second remix is Soulwax’s of Let It Happen. This one was actually released in September 2015, and I’m so glad it made it onto the EP as it’s such a big tune. Let It Happen was groovy enough, somehow Soulwax have made it groovier.

This EP has just got me more excited for Kevin Parker to make us another album, I really do hope it comes soon. Listen to The EP if you haven’t already. Its mad to think how big Tame Impala could get after the next album. Will they be future festival headliners? Only time will tell.

Listen here:

Featured image by Noel Vasquez/FilmMagic

Save The Bees​ are coming out of their hive

Savethebees1Photograph curtesy of @SaveTheBees____ instagram page 

Newcastle indie rock n roll band Save The Bees gave us a look at their newest song ‘The Visit’, a moody and dark yet driven release that is the cover song of their first EP. The boys have been building up a loyal fan base in their hometown of Newcastle, and are now looking to broaden their horizons with this new EP that debuted earlier today on Spotify, along with other tracks ‘Aye for an Eye’, ‘L.A.’ and ‘The Weekend Rockstars’. 

‘The Visit’ is a conventional indie rock ‘moody song’ with melancholy vibes created by the driving force of the etchy lead guitar that gives off a gritty and raw feel. The vocals are remorseful and relaxed for most of the song, they accompany the deep chords seamlessly. When the chorus kicks in, the mix of pace and new attitude gives an emotional thrust that injects the song with a fresh mood, emphasised by the cutting guitar solo that follows.

It has the right amount of contrast to the other songs on the EP that are seemingly more upbeat. The band state that they draw influences from indie rock classics “Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Pulp”, although there are hints of these reminiscing in ‘The Visit’ I would say these influences are much more prominent in the other songs of the EP. Namely, in the song ‘Aye for an Eye’ we can see the clear Oasis vocal and guitar styles adopted in a new manner, furthermore ‘L.A’ and ‘The Weekend Rockstars’ are very resonant of the early 2000 styles of the Arctic Monkeys.

The band members include Cameron Scott on vocals and lead guitar, Alex Duerden on rhythm guitar, Jack Young on bass guitar and Miles Kearvell on the drums.

Save The Bees aim to “rejuvenate guitar music with catchy riffs and cheeky lyrics” and if that sounds good to you, you can catch them in Newcastle where they perform gigs fairly regularly which they advertise on their Instagram and Twitter pages, both named @SaveTheBees____ .

You can listen to their EP now on;


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 17.27.33

2018 will be the year of Shame

Easily one of the best upcoming bands in the UK right now, Shame are releasing their debut album ‘Songs of Praise’ on 12th January via Dead Oceans. The band will also be featuring on our class of 2018. Yesterday they also treated the fans to a new single ‘One Rizla’.

Our song of the week is ‘One Rizla’ which features on the album and this song brings out the heart of the band. In their press release the band said ”“It’s the first song we ever wrote as a band and I think that’s reflected in the simplicity of it. It’s honest and raw, whilst attempting a stab at number one in the pop charts across the eastern hemisphere.

Catch them on tour next year:



Yellow Days- Is Everything Okay In Your World?

Almost exactly a year on from his first widely available, but still evidently bedroom produced, EP Harmless Melodies, Brighton boy George van den Broek is back as Yellow Days; treating us to his first full length “album” Is Everything Okay in Your World?. Despite providing us with a full 13, polished tracks (alongside a now sold out UK tour), it’s still uncertain as to what IEOIYW quite is, with George himself apparently claiming his “real” debut album won’t be released until spring next year. Sticking to his blend of atmospheric, “slacker-rock” and soulful Hozier-esque vocals; this album further delves into the sunny musical landscape that Yellow Days has began to expertly craft so early in his career.

It’s easy to see why That Easy was chosen as lead single on the album; with an upbeat, infectious melody coupled with a determination in the lyrics often not seen enough in the indie genre, but still very much in tune with the rest of the album, keeping a seemingly firm grip on it’s twisted, perhaps King Krule-esque echoes. The song, both literally in its lyrics and metaphorically in its quality, makes it evident that this is only the beginning of Yellow Days- giving us so much more to look forward to.

This warmth is continued later in the album with I Believe in Love, a lazy-Sunday style (yet still heartfelt) track containing chest melting croonings about the strength of all things love, and a wailing sounding chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Mac Demarco track. This track comes with a refreshing sense of optimism and romance, a long way off from the post-breakup tones the Harmless Melodies EP, showing us just how far George himself has grown- although the tracks feel no less sincere.

A particular highlight on the album, though, comes from his collaboration with rapper Rejjie Snow on Lately I. With collaborations between new indie solo artists and rappers becoming more common (think that track with Rex Orange County and Tyler, The Creator), the combination of both artists ultra-laid back atmospheres here works like a complete dream. George truly comes into his own however on the following track I’ve Been Thinking Too Hard. Sticking by this hip-hop influence and proving not dissimilar to some of the tracks from Childish Gambino’s latest prog-funk album Awaken, My Love!; the song holds a darker, more mysterious feel to what we’re used to, even sampling a speech from British philosopher Alan Watts.

Although Is Everything Okay In Your World? was just intended to be a taste of the hazy world of Yellow Days, there’s no part of it that feels incomplete and, if this album is anything to go by, we’ve got a lot more to look forward to.

Words by Alice Browne.

Calva Louise are your new favourite band, listen to their ferocious second single “Getting Closer’ NOW:

Calva Louise, quirky London punks (Jessica, Alizon and Benjamin) have a sound that is difficult to tie down to one genre. Their splicing sound intertwines aspects of indie with gritty punk guitar work and bouncing pop melodies alongside a cool surf-rock aesthetic.


(image courtesy of Modern Sky UK)

“Getting Closer is about the identity crisis that young adults go through in their early twenties, when they feel their time is up and they have to decide if they’ll be able to one day become the person they’ve always dreamed of beingsaid the band of the track (which was produced by Margo Broom who has previously worked with the likes of Fat White Family and Catholic Action).

The track is a pulsating escapade of frantic guitars and bubbly, infectious hooks that come together to form a coming-of-age epic, certain to take the band to the top of the game. It’s bass line will have you bopping your head til the sun comes up whilst it’s frenzy of distorted guitars at the chorus will hit you like a train.  Front woman, Jess Allanic is frighteningly confident, separating herself from the wave of female fronted bands that are erupting onto the scene of late. Her voice is immaculate, and boy can she shred a solo.

In their short time as a band, the trio have already gained the backing of notorious industry influencers and tastemakers, This Feeling and Flying Vinyl (who distributed their first single ‘I’m Gonna Do Well’).

If you’re from London, be sure to catch Calva Louise on their three date residency with This Feeling at the upcoming dates:

Monday 16th November – The Monarch, London
Saturday 2nd December – The Water Rats, London
Thursday 21st December – The Monarch, London

The band are destined for greatness, there’s no doubt about that. In saying that, don’t be a fool, hit them up with a follow on their social medias (below) and keep ya eyes peeled for what’s next.

Twitter: @calvalouise

Facebook: Calva Louise

Instagram: @calvalouise

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/calvalouise

Words by Ben Davies

(featured image courtesy of Keira-Anee Photography)


Northern Exposure Presents Musicians Against Homelessness Ft Cabbage, Trampolene, Sisteray & Sheafs

Homelessness is a growing problem in Britain with increasing numbers of people being forced to live on the streets. The lack of funding by local councils and cuts by the government forces thousands to face being without shelter this upcoming harsh winter. This inspired the Musicians Against Homelessness effort which saw Cabbage, Trampolene, Sheafs and Sisteray put on a gig, at Leadmill in Sheffield, to raise money for charity.
Sisteray kicked off the night, bringing with them a large crowd whom enthusiastically belted out their punk politically conscious tunes. Their impressive EP, released this year, sounded even better live adding an edgy and raw sound that a studio couldn’t capture. Next up was Sheffield’s excitable young band, Sheafs. Despite coming on at 8:15, they had the biggest crowd of the night and they did not disappoint it. Their energetic performance and ability to harness their big crowd changed my previous perception of them, which has now led me to place them in the deepest chamber of my mind labelled ‘ones to watch’. Anyone in that crowd, with ears, would pinpoint my personal highlight as there’s too as Sheafs finished with ‘This is Not a Protest’. With an annoyingly infectious chorus and strong guitar riffs, the boys knew this would imprint an impression on everyone’s memories of the night, when they left.
Music Against Homelessness have put on gigs and festivals featuring more than 500 bands and artists. Its aim is to raise much-needed funds for homeless charities and to provide gig opportunities for up-and-coming bands. Endorsed by Alan Mcgee, the campaign continues to grow and develop into an important institution.
A small interlude and the crowd dispersed quickly. By the time Trampolene had emerged, I’m sure it had halved. Fools. Trampolene were the most exciting act of the night which was plagued with problems for them. Jack Jones emerged with complaints of a broken guitar, which was no surprise to me towards the end of the set when he threw his guitar into the crowd and walked off stage. However, before this, the set was doomed, and he prepared for a poetry set; belting out the words to ‘Ketamine’, that everyone screamed back. Every time I have seen Trampolene live, they have been intriguing to watch. Jack donned a Hi-Vis jacket on stage and as soon as whimper of noise came from the guitar hallway through the poem, he jumped into action and the halved crowd suddenly retained its people. Performing songs from the album ‘Swansea to Hornsey’, accompanied by T. Rex-style guitar riffs and Pete Doherty-style stage presence, Trampolene left the headline act with a drilled-up and drenched crowd- half beer, half sweat.
That headline act was Cabbage who have had a successful year in terms of their exposure and continuing hype. Their setlist was filled with fan favourites but also newer testers which delighted the crowd no less. Previous inhabitants to the ‘ones to watch’ chamber in my mind, Cabbage put on a good show and proved their worthiness to headline this night. From the Start, with track ‘Kevin’, and the end, with ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’, they provided the restless crowd with the mosh pits and the heavy tunes that they wanted. They also proved their growing reputation as a well-practiced and excellent live band, keeping the crowd engaged throughout.
Music Against Homelessness’ chosen charity, this year to support, is Crisis; where you can donate at:

Words by Jack Wager.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have finally announced their new album and its FREE

Notorious Aussie psych rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have today shared details on their 4th album of 2017. ‘Polygondwanaland’ will be released for free on Friday 17th November, in three available formats (this is where it gets interesting).

The band have announced that because it is free, there will be three different formats for the album. An MP3 format which will allow you to download the album onto your phones and listen wherever or whenever you want, a DDP master format which allows you to download a high quality format which includes the tracklist, ISRC codes & metadata needed for the CD.

For vinyl lovers, the band seem to be encouraging fans to begin their own record labels and have them press the new album on vinyl themselves….

“The vinyl master is a completely seperate master to CD & Digital masters. There are physical limitations to what the head of the lathe can produce when cutting vinyl. For this reason these files will not sound normal on generic Hi Fi speakers. Only use this master if you wanna press vinyl. It will contain a Side A and a Side B WAV file as well as a PQ log for both sides with metadata for the pressing plant. In this .ZIP file you will also find a record cover template and a folder full of artwork ideas you can use to make your own back cover, spine and inner sleeve.”

“Ever wanted to start your own record label? GO for it! Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes.”

“We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy.”

This is a completely game changing way to market the album. The band have placed the album into the hands of their fans and encouraged them to hare, manipulate, and do whatever the heck they want with it and i am all in favour.

If you are looking to purchase a vinyl copy, a record label from Bristol called ‘StolenBody Records’ have already begun pre orders of a vinyl pressing, however be quick! theres 250 copies!! The record will be made on Ogre green vinyl (transparent) with blood red, toxic yellow, blue and black splatters.

You can pre order ‘Polygondwanaland’ from StolenBody here: 

You can read more about ‘Polygondwanaland’ on the bands Facebook page here: 

King Gizzard have also announced some pretty huge dates in the UK for early next year. The band will be playing:


Words by Piran Aston