Afterbloom are one of the most underrated bands i have ever known. Their sound has been witnessed by few and can only be described as swim deep meets nirvana. The heavy shoegazey noise that this band creates is hypnotizing.

They originate from the Birmingham area which seems to have produced a lot of great bands over recent years.

The band have released a grand total of 4 songs and it seems crazy to say they are one of my favourite bands. Their sleepy vibe is addicting and i’ve had their songs on repeat for months.

”Droned” is the first song on their soundcloud and as Sam has already spoken about it I wont say too much. From this song you get a clear sound of the early jaws singles which isn’t a surprise considering the band have contact with Jaws’ frontman Connor Schofield. As the song progresses you get to hear something quite special, bassist’s Luke Morgans nifty riffs drill into you whilst Issac Wights deep and dreamy voice completes this almost musical genius, Hearing this as their first song was insane.

The next song the boys released is ”duh”. It begins with some simple guitar which is soon caught up in a heavy drop which would probably bring a great atmosphere to a live performance. We then hear the sound of Issac’s voice again cutting into you just as much as their previous song. Towards the end of the song is where it begins to climax and we hear yet another simplistic yet spicy guitar riff.

The final song on the soundcloud is ”i wanna be enchained” which is noticeably more darker than the previous things we have heard but it is much more slick and sexy. The lyrics are incredible and i can’t tell you how fucking great it is to find a band who are original with their lyrics and with everything they do. So many alt bands can slip into the same old routine but not Afterbloom. This song is magic.

Aside from their soundcloud Afterbloom also have a youtube channel where a video for a song named ”shade” has been uploaded. The video is of a trippy mushroom, sounds odd but stick with it because the song that accompanies it is my favourite. Everything in ”shade” is chilled out and cool, much like the band themselves. It’s a song that can easily match the status of bands like Peace and Tame impala. It’s glorious.

Afterbloom have only been a band for a matter of months and i know that they have a few upcoming projects that they are currently working on, you MUST keep an eye out because in the near future they are going to be big. I hope they eventually get the attention and praise that they deserve.

I have a lot of love for them and wish them all the best x

Soundcloud: @a-f-t-e-r-b-l-o-o-m

Youtube: @Afterbloom

Twitter: @afterblooom

Facebook: @afterblooom


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