Girls Against

Girls Against (@girlsagainst on Twitter) are an inter-sectional feminist group who are campaigning for a very important thing. They are raising awareness and standing up to groping at gigs.

The group formed as there were many reports from girls that they were being groped by boys at Peace gigs. This is disgusting. These boys obviously thought that they could get away with this because the girls were wearing skirts, which is wrong in every way. A girl’s clothing is not a gateway for you to harass her and it is crucial that everyone understands this.

The important concerns were raised to the members of the band at first. Upon seeing these concerns, members of Peace Harry and Sam Koisser responded like this;

Sam Koisser (Peace’s bass player has also shown clear support for the Girls Against campaign, which is amazing and hugely important. He tweeted;

These horrible incidents are not just present at Peace gigs. They have happened at a scary number of gigs, and this needs to change. Girls should be able to enjoy gigs without having to worry about their safety.

It’s very important that everyone supports this campaign, and raises awareness for this.


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