A band which I am absolutely loving at the moment is Trash, in particular their EP ‘Urban Glow’. Cheeky and charming four-piece from Derbyshire, Trash are quickly becoming one of my favourite bands.

Contrary to what their name may suggest, Trash are really bloody brilliant and are having amazing response from fans too. They have recently played shows supporting the likes of JAWS and RATBOY and I reckon that if you’re a fan of those guys, you’ll probably like Trash too. In fact, you’ll definitely like Trash, just have a listen – alright?
At the moment, my favourite track on ‘Urban Glow’ is probably ‘Drift’. For me, this EP has proved one of my favourites of this year, a fabulous mix of indie and pop with rocky undertones. Their record’s really well balanced and there’s definitely something in there for everyone.
If you’ve never heard of Trash before, then stop here and have a listen to them, explore their funky sound and, who knows, maybe you’ll come out with a new favourite band! You move on without Trash, but as they would say – “I wouldn’t wanna live my life that way, yeah”, and I for one, would certainly agree.
(ps. they always reply to their facebook messages which is pretty sweet, even though they’re big time and verified now!)

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