Independent Venue Week- Undertone

IVW-logo-large.jpgDid any of you know it was Independent Venue Week in the UK this week? If so have any of you supported a venue yet?

Anyway Last night me and my mates supported the Undertone which had an incredible night put on by Luckyman Records and The Albion Club. These guys have done a lot over the last couple of years by supporting upcoming talent and they have also helped me a lot with my blog.

I am putting this out there I have been ill over the last 3 days which is a massive shame and I was filled up on painkillers and so a lot of it was a blur. But my photographer managed to take incredible pictures which will be uploaded onto The Albion Club site, blog’s Twitter and Instagram.

I managed to catch the first 3 bands but had a lot of fun with my good friends and also blog members.

Himalayas kicked off the night with a smashing performance. The crowd seemed to get involved and there seemed to be a good buzz surrounding them. I need to see them more. I am loving them. Guys check them out further because they might be knocking on your local venue one day. Twitter:

Wetpainttt were the second band to play. Now these guys are sounding incredible live. Over the last couple of months I have been checking these out. It was a brilliant decision because these local Welsh talents from Cardiff are going somewhere in the right direction. They possess a lot of power and I would gladly see them over and over again. Can’t wait to see what things they have up their sleeves. Twitter:

The last band I managed to see and was hyped the most for were Breeze from Birmingham. Now this is what you call raw talent. A perfect blend of Indie pop/rock which is a blooming genre at the moment in the Midlands and North England. I have a feeling these are the next band to emerge from Brum. They have a fan base which is getting bigger and they are also friends with Jaws and Swim Deep which is a big plus for them. The rawness just hit me. They played an incredible set which had songs from the new ep and also old songs. ‘Sellotape’ and ‘Bleach’ are sounding powerful and if you get the chance to see them live I beg you before they get big. Fingers crossed I can get up to Birmingham to catch their show in the institute. Follow Breeze on Twitter:

I thank Sam Hoy and The Albion Club for putting on an incredible night filled with good local talent and also a bit of Birmingham’s music scene that we all love.

I can’t wait for the next time they put on a gig night. I am trying to go to as many as I can. Check out the small bands before they breakthrough.

Support your local venues. They are the bloodline to the music scene and without them we wouldn’t have the bands we have today. They are the heart and soul to use music fans.

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