If you happened to be at Cab Vol in Edinburgh on Saturday night, you might have stumbled across the band ‘Wylde’. Wylde is a sick little gem from West Lothian who’s music delves into rock and shoegaze, with some really dreamy bass riffs too.

Wylde are releasing a new song ‘Human’, which you will be able to listen to here when it comes out tomorrow. The track starts off with drums and bass that gradually builds up to something slightly reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, and similar 80s/90s bands of a similar style. The tune is pretty dense and urban-feeling at points but its shoegazey/dreamy vocals make it somehow really relaxing at the same time. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like you’re drifting in and out of dreams in the middle of the night and you’re not quite sure what is dream and what is reality.

I’m loving this track, the rawness of the vocals, their vibey guitars and drum beat that really creates an ambiance – you can feel the thoughts and emotion behind it – which really makes this band something special.. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Wylde in future.

Check them out on Twitter or on Soundcloud.


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