Rinse- New single ‘Not too late’+ band info

‘Not too late’ is the newest song by the 4 piece rockers from Staffordshire. These guys have been hyped up to be one of the newest talents around and from what I have heard it is looking likely that soon they will be picked up. . Their sound treads the line between shoe gaze and grunge, with elements of psychedelia.

They have played with the likes of Palma Violets, Jaws and Sunshine Underground. With this under their belts and a bucket of catchy tunes their fan base has been growing rapidly. I am loving the songs they have released so far and they are a big hit on BBC Introducing which is a big statement.

‘Not too late’ to me has a steady guitar intro with the drums cutting in and then it explodes into a sound of genius. It reminds me of Jaws/Diiv vibes but cutting in with their own sounds. It definitely brings out my inner emo, which I do have. The lyrics are perfectly blended into the vibe.

If you want to discover an upcoming talent then I tell you now, go listen to these guys. They have massive things ahead of them on the horizon and I am glad I will be able to watch them grow into the band they can be. From what you can hear their material is raw but they have plenty of time ahead of them to mature with the passion and guts they are showing. This is some of the buzz they have received;

Steve Lamacq of BBC 6 quoted ” RINSE, RINSE, RINSE”

Alex Baker of Kerrang! Radio said ” Explosive dream rock”

Ben Howard, yes the singer!! said ”Pretty Fucking Awesome”

And lastly Amazing Radio ” Only having been together for a year and coming from the previous well-known Stoke bands, Rinse have already managed a master solid sound in a short space of time”

If I was someone discovering new bands/talents I would be all over these like a rash. Cannot wait to see where the long winding road takes them.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/rinseband




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