The Hunna -New from London

The Hunna are a four piece indie-rock band from Hertfordshire, England and have recently left their stamp on the music scene in London. The band consists of Ryan (guitarist/lead singer), Daniel (lead guitarist), Jermaine (bassist) and Jack (drummer). The boys share an amazing chemistry between them which makes their gigs burst with energy and passion.

IMG_2572After seeing them support Coasts at Shepherds Bush Empire in October 2015, I fell in love with the band’s authentic sound and incredible stage presence. Despite being hardly known amongst the crowd at the gig, the whole venue went wild, especially for their main track ‘Bonfire’ and the atmosphere was electric. In true Hunna style, Ryan and Daniel smashed guitars together after their set had ended and handed them to members of the audience; myself, and my best friend Lucy, were lucky enough to get one. After the gig, we had the opportunity to hang out with the band and they told me how they wanted to make their mark on London and give the new and current fans something to remember them by. But receiving Ryan’s signed baby-blue Fender isn’t the only thing about The Hunna that left a lasting impression.

TheHunnaBand snapchat story

After seeing them for the first time, I was hooked to their music, despite them only having two singles ‘Bonfire’ and ‘She’s Casual’. I honestly would have the two tracks on repeat for ages. As you could imagine, the release of their debut EP ‘We Could Be’ had all Hunna fans go wild for new material to listen, and the boys did not disappoint. All three tracks on the EP enthused Ryan’s edgy vocals, their beautiful guitar riffs and striking drum beats. The Hunna possess a unique sound that is impossible not to love, and all of their current songs are an identifiable collective.

The amazing response to their support of Coasts and their EP led the band to sell out three consecutive shows at Boston Music Room in North London. I got tickets to the second of their three gigs on the 3rd March (Thursday night) as I knew the boys would put on an amazing show. It was a small pub venue, which added to the intimacy of the gig. During the support acts, as the room was filling up, the band members were casually walking around, getting drinks and chatting with fans. This shows how humble and appreciative the boys are of their fans and makes me love them even more.

Then their set started. As soon as they walked onto the stage I felt the room buzz and I could tell I was in for an incredible night. They opened with a new, unheard track ‘Alive’, but that didn’t stop the crowd moving to their contagious sound and going wild for their strong beats. No gig is complete without a rough mosh pit, as most would agree, so when a minority of us (including myself and best friend) began letting go to their rock inspired ‘We Could Be’ the whole venue erupted into, what felt like, a huge party of people being pushed about, feeling the music. This lasted right until their encore tune, another unheard called ‘Bad For You’.


But it didn’t end there. The boys mingled with the crowd, had a beer, took photos and had casual chats with everyone after their show- it was lovely to talk to the band again after five months and I was flattered to be recognised as one of the girls with Ryan’s guitar. Both Lucy and I got set-lists which we got signed by all four members of the band. They were so keen to take photos with fans and are honestly some of the most approachable, friendly, down to earth people I have ever met. I will also never forget Ryan telling me I was ‘rocking my outfit’.


Following my chat with the band, it seems that their debut album is to be released this August 2016, and they are going to be recording a new single very soon- I couldn’t be more excited. If you haven’t heard their stuff yet, The Hunna are a huge recommendation if you love Indie Rock music with a unique flair. ‘I bet you wished that you bothered, when this band gets discovered’ couldn’t be more accurate, because I can tell these boys are going to be doing big things very soon!

– Angel x


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