Coasts- Your Electro-Indie Fix

If you haven’t heard of them already, Coasts are an electro-indie rock band from Bristol and are definitely up there with one of my favourite bands. They were one of the first indie groups I listened to when I started developing my current music taste, with their EP ‘Paradise’ in 2013. Ever since then, I have continued to support and love Coasts’ material and have witnessed the vast growth of lead singer Chris Caines’ hair along with the growth of them as a band. As of today, I have attended two of their gigs both of which were absolutely amazing.

Chris at Shepherds Bush gig


The first Coasts gig I went to was in October 2015, before the release of their album, so many of the songs they played were not heard before. Regardless, the boys managed to make the atmosphere in the venue incredible, and had everyone dancing to their contagious hooks and beats. Opening with the sultry instrumental of ‘Wallow’ stirred the intimacy before building into a beautiful mixture of drums (Ben Street), bass (James Gamage), guitar (Liam Willford) and keyboard (David Goulbourn) to make the entire venue go mad. The energy was up high for the whole night, held up by Chris, who made an amazing front man performance.

As anticipated, their closing track was the infamous ‘Oceans’ which makes it impossible not to dance. The tune has a rhythmic feel that instils a pretty heavy mosh pit when played live. It has a catchy beat and is definitely Coasts’ number one sing-along tune, whilst still maintaining the necessary indie guitar riffs and edgy beats.

Confetti in the finale to top it off


Coasts’ presence on the indie music scene blew up after the release of their debut album in early 2016, and the band are currently touring Europe. The tracks on the album uphold the ‘Coasts’ motif of a sun, sand and sea atmosphere that add to the magic and obscure sound of the band. Despite all sixteen tunes of the deluxe album having similar electro vibes and lyrical hooks, each track possesses a unique flair that is fresh and recognisable as an individual hit; I find this is rare within bands with a very distinct sound such as Coasts. The boys also introduced some slower songs such as ‘As Long As I Need You’ ‘See How’ and ‘Lions’, but still managed to obtain the head-bobbing and body-swaying anthem affect.



Coasts’ track ‘Rush Of Blood’ strikes a nerve with Lucy and I for some reason, and every time we hear it we are instantly a puddle of emotion and happiness. I have yet to experience this affect with any other song in existence. The guitar throughout the song is so melodic and sleek, paired with the heartfelt lyrics and pristine drumming, it is the combination for the perfect track. It also possesses a smooth transition between a soft and striking sound, which makes it exciting and lively. Despite the lyrics being very metaphorical, Coasts have a way of making the words of their songs leave a personal impression, as though they are moulded to suit every individual listener to make them relatable. All songs I have heard by the boys are great in my opinion.

My latest Coasts gig was at Roundhouse in Camden, London, on Friday February 26th and it honestly had the best atmosphere I have ever experienced at a gig. From the moment the band walked out on stage, the crowd were going mental for every song. Despite the venue being decently big, it felt so intimate, and it was as though the entire crowd were sharing the same vibes. I managed to get barrier for the first half of their set, but Lucy and I decided to share the mosh pit experience with all the people behind us- best decision I could have made. Dancing and singing with everyone there, enjoying every song, made me feel so alive and I don’t have the words to explain how elated I felt throughout and all night after that gig, it was insane.



I am more than excited to see Coasts’ next step on the music scene; I look forward to new material in the future when they are finished touring for their album. It’s an amazing experience to support a band from the beginning of their journey and see them grow as artists, which is probably why the band does and always will hold a special place in my heart. Keep on killing it lads!

-Angel x


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