Last Thursday I had the absolute pleasure of being able to see my favourite dreamy synth-pop group Oh Wonder at Oran Mor in Glasgow. This band’s style is different to a lot of the bands which I usually write about on here, they’re slower, chilled out and just generally really relaxing and beautiful.

Oh Wonder is made up of two members, Josephine and Anthony, who were both so gracious and humble to be playing that watching them do there thing was just magical. They have one incredible self-titled album released and every track is a pleasure to listen to, focussing on electronic melodies (some not dissimilar to the style of the ‘new’ 1975) and letting the voices really being the stars of the show. Hearing such beautiful harmonies in real life was honestly just a really special and emotional experience.

This was the first gig I have ever been to where the music being played is slow and relaxed and to tell you the truth, I was a little sceptical before as to how this sort of event would unfold. Do I sway? Do I dance? Just stand there? It was nothing to be concerned about, it was so easy to immerse myself in the music and just get involved with the intimacy of the gig experience.

There was also support from Aquilo, a great new band which I’m sure fans of the likes of Hudson Taylor and similar styles would love. I’m aware it might sound like i’m gassing this band a little, but honestly I couldn’t say a single bad word about them and this incredible experience they provided me with.

The raw, harmonious voices and dreamy visuals combined to make me feel like I was being reborn into a world of heavenly electronic synth. I loved every second.

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