‘Paracetamol’ Music Video Review

I recently talked about my favourite song at the moment; ‘Paracetamol’ by Declan McKenna. To my absolute delight, the music video to this beautiful track was released TODAY and I tell you, it is everything the song deserves and more. Yes, this is a music blog, but the video incredibly interprets the lyrics and melody, and also features the artist himself. To read a more song-specific review, check out my post about Declan himself (I will link below). Now back to the video:img_0781

In this six minute visual, created by Matt Lambert, we follow the life of a teenage girl, in the process to becoming transgender, and her group of friends discovering their sexuality. The video depicts relationships and the overcoming of strong adverse opinions. Declan’s raw, gravelly vocals amplifies the controversy and difficulty for teens finding themselves. We also see Declan himself featured on a sofa, singing and playing guitar – stripped back, pure and justly reliant on the strong message of his tune and extraordinary talent to bring the entirety of Paracetamol together. img_0782

The disjointed shots of the two main characters in this piece adds to the idea of teenagers feeling isolated and distant from society who cannot relate to them. The whole video is so simple, yet wildly impacted me as a viewer, because it is so real and apparent today, whilst still so aesthetically pleasing. There is no fancy lights or settings, which is precisely what it should be like. A track as powerful as this one is complimented by the real-life shots and storyline, and they merge pristinely to form this genius representation of modern day teen struggles.

I’ve already droned on and on about how much I love the song itself in my previous post, but I also love the addition at the end when a man in drag says ‘At the end of the day, I believe life is all about love, the rest is bullshit. Fuck ’em’. It hit me hard. This line in the video sums up the song’s whole message that everyone should do what makes them happy and not give a crap what anyone else thinks, something that will improve as more people create meaningful music as Declan has.

Maybe not everyone who watches the video can relate exactly, but it 100% makes you empathise with the video’s protagonists and understand the issues the many people like them experience. I cannot reiterate enough how I think artists should be so much more like Declan, and use their power in the music industry to promote issues that need more attention, because that is the only way change can come.

Words cannot suffice to show how much I love Declan McKenna; his beautiful talent, music ethos, purity and witty personality shines through in his work and is an inspiration for all young people worldwide.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iqojQJGt-Vo – watch the video here

https://letithappenmusicblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/declan-mckenna-up-and-coming/ – my last post on Declan

– Angel x


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