mac- Hot Water Bottle EP

With about 160 followers on SoundCloud, it is safe to say that Mac Benson is a new, unknown artist. This does not hinder him, however, from producing some exceptional music. I was introduced to his tracks recently and immediately fell in love with his beautiful voice and chilling guitar accompaniment. His EP ‘Hot Water Bottle’ includes five songs, all of which has a lovely stripped-back feel and enthuses his raw talent.

The first track ‘laughter when I cry’ has an astounding guitar melody to introduce the song, followed by a smooth, mellow harmony to make you fall deeply into the mirage of Mac’s music. The same cord pattern is repeated throughout the song, supplying that purity that fuels the way mac reels you in. The overlaying vocal harmonies dotted throughout the song induce the chill and intrigue that sets apart mac’s music from any other solo artist.

Despite being only one minute long, Mac’s song ‘don’t leave me alone’ is my favourite. It has a more upbeat feel, replacing his usual acoustic accompaniment with an electric guitar; he flaunts an old-school British rock tone- showing another side to his vocals. I actually love how all of Mac’s tracks are shorter than normal, because it gives us a snippet of his potential as an artist- a taster of what’s to come.

‘Bandaid’ continues with Mac’s definitive sound, by committing to a simple, pleasant guitar melody throughout and piling on sleek layers of vocals. The lyrics to Mac’s songs are also so thoughtful with ‘I want to rip away my sadness like a bandaid’ and other emotional explorations. I think it’s important for artists to not only sound pleasant, but to all have substance to their lyrics. I also love this track as it is considerably longer than his others, at just under five minutes. This track totally enthrals you for the whole thing. Mac has a way of drawing you in and putting you in some kind of hypnotic state during his music. The most innocent and raw track on the EP is ‘Tuesday birthday’, with a light and airy feel to the track. It flaunts Mac’s amazing vocals, with the majority of the song in falsetto. The tune is so sweet and lovely to listen to.

Keeping it simple is sometimes the most effective way for artists to approach music, as proven by Mac. He reminds me of a more sultry Ben Howard, but completely diluted to voice and guitar. I highly recommend giving his EP a listen on SoundCloud, linked below.

-Angel x

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