High Tyde – interview and gig review

004After having been lost in Camden for fifteen minutes, I finally found Dingwalls- a small, quaint bar in a back-street near the canal. It was my first time interviewing a band, so inevitably I was nervous, but as soon as I met the High Tyde boys I felt relaxed. The four- piece alt/indie rock band from Brighton consists of Cody (vocals and bass), Connor (guitar), Spencer (guitar) and Louis (drums). All four of them were so lovely and after introducing himself as Leonardo, it was clear to me that Louis was the joker of the group.

“So boys, how would you describe your sound, for any readers who do not know you guys?”

Frontman, Cody, then replied with “It’s a collective ball of everything we listen to.” I learnt that the boys love RnB artists like Kendrick Lamar, which helps fuel the infectious beats and smooth rhythms in their tracks. Contrary to this, all four members share my love for Foals.

I couldn’t help but ask about which they thought was the best Foals album. Spencer, Cody and Connor agreed that their love for ‘Antidotes’ was too strong, but Louis ventured into saying ‘What Went Down’, justifying it with “all their stuff gets better and better” and mentioning how they have evolved amazingly as a band. I was alone vouching for my answer of ‘Holy Fire’.


“Who is your music inspiration?”

Cody reiterated their previous mention of Foals, adding how they are so professional and admirable. Louis commented on his inspirations of Kurt Cobain and Noel Gallagher, saying how “Their music is so honest. No one has ever told them how to make their music and that’s how I want us to be as a band, no one telling us what to do.”

“When did you all start making music?”

The boys each reminisced back to when they first starting playing the instruments they have grown to love so much: Cody being seven years old, and the others being nine or ten. Cody then added “we formed the band in… 2012 or was it or 2013?” (as I tried not to pipe up justifying with their Wikipedia page that it was 2012) “Yeah 2012, and we’ve just been working hard ever since”

“So you’ve played quite a few shows now on the tour, what is your favourite song to perform?”

“Dark Love!! The crowd seem to go crazy for it.” The boys remarked. I couldn’t help but comment on the insane beat drop in the beginning of that track, and how I was so excited to start a mosh pit at their show later that evening; to which all the boys cheered. “There has to be either two small pits or one monster one.”said Louis. To which I promised I’d make the maddest one they have ever seen.

“Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?”

“Zumba!” Laughed all the boys in unison. “We just jump around to Sound Storm doing star jumps and shit to hype us up”. Cody added “and have a few pints”.

“So your new EP is out on Friday, can you describe it in three words?”

“Fucking brilliant!!… oh that’s two words… absolutely fucking brilliant!!” Louis answered. Cody then jumped in with an objective answer saying “Not Playing safe”- tackling the irony of the EP’s title ‘Safe’.

“What are the plans for High Tyde’s future?”

“We just want to travel the world, vibe out and have a fucking amazing time.” The band then talked about how they are really looking forward to the festival season as they have a lot to be announced, and they are also really excited to be travelling abroad this year to perform. Louis then topped off their response with “You know, and then hopefully headlining Glastonbury.” Which, in my opinion, is a possibility for this talented bunch in the future.


“Last one, if your house was on fire, touch wood (*all five of us tap the wooden table*) what is the one item you would save?”

Cody leapt straight in by saying his guitar, being a fundamental musician. Louis then said “Wait wait, you can be clever with this coz you can claim back insurance on your drum kit and that, so I’d say my original 1972 edition of Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ CD.” Connor and Spencer then disregarded Louis break-through realisation and said “My guitar or Mac book, just essentials really.”

I then said goodbye to the boys and started queuing outside the venue with the rest of their awaiting fans. I just loved how genuine and funny they were, and it made me look forward to their show even more, as I anticipated their performance to enthuse their charisma.


The boys walked out on stage to an eager crowd, after the standard performances of two support acts. Their opening song ‘Feel it’ from their first EP got the crowd moving as soon as its contagious tune engulfed the venue. Cody’s gorgeous vocal tone married beautifully with the striking drum beats and intricate guitar riffs, combining to form the best opening song. The entire room was moving from the first note, and as I promised, I started a circle pit for the first beat drop of their set. 021

‘Glow’, ‘Mustang Japan’ and ‘Do What You Want’ all proved to be popular with the crowd, with every single person singing along to their catchy lyrics and moshing to their iconic rhythm. The band posses a summer vibe and you can’t help but dance to their tracks. The venue was alive. During one of their middle songs, a massive circle pit was created in the centre of the floor and someone did a back flip in the middle- it was insane.013

‘Karibu’ and ‘Me and You’ are some of their more relaxed tracks, letting people chill for a bit and admire Cody’s lovely vocals and the utter talent of the musicians behind High Tyde’s amazing music. It was such an electric atmosphere, and the boys had the attention of everyone in the crowd.

The band exited the stage without playing their statement track ‘Dark Love’ so inevitably they were going to be called for an encore. The whole room was roaring., and the band came back out. The song was reconstructed to generate even more anticipation for its incredible beat drop, by having their chorus slowed down, penetrating a sultry tone throughout the venue. Cody split the crowd in half as the guitar picked up pace and when Louis came in with his hard hitting drumming, the two halves came at each other, jumping and screaming, possessed by the sheer electricity of the track.


The gig was so good. It still hasn’t surpassed Wolf Alice or The Magic Gang, however it was still an amazing night. These boys are definitely going to be getting big soon; their stage presence is incredible and their music is the perfect mix between indie rock and dance RnB. Their EP ‘Safe’ is available for download now, so go check that out!

-Angel x

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