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We all know why we love the five piece indie band from Stockport, and after the release of numerous EPs I don’t think Blossoms’ fans could conjure up any more reasons why they are an incredible band; until now. With their infectious synth beats, heartfelt lyrics and gorgeously delivered vocals, Blossoms’ announcemnet of their new song ‘Getaway’ for midnight last night got us extremely excited. It caught us all off guard, with hints of this track being from a new album that is to be released in the near future.

Onto the song itself. As all great Blossoms tracks, it possesses a beautiful marriage of rock driven guitar riffs and rhythmic drum beats contrasted with Tom Ogden’s soft enthralling voice and Myles Kellock’s  haunting synth keyboard arrangements. I find that most of Blossoms’ songs can either be categorised as very upbeat like ‘At Most a Kiss’ and ‘Charlamagne’ – provoking a dance – or sombre and stripped back like ‘For Evelyn’ and ‘Stormy’. However, ‘Getaway’ combines fast paced instrument scores with minor- key, lo-fi vocals. I think it works beautifully.

The song explores a disfunctional relationship, but not admitting or accepting it should end. I adore the line ‘I’m over you, get under me’- suggesting despite foreseeing the inevitability of the love to end, the couple still continue to stay together. One of the main reasons I love Blossoms is all their songs are lyrically genius.

“When it breaks don’t cry, I’ll always hold some place for you”

They find a way to get under the skin of relatable events in people’s lives and transform them into metaphorical scenes of rhythmic music.

“If we’re in love tonight we can getaway”

The title ‘Getaway’ enthuses the idea of running away from problems in a relationship and continuing to try and work things out.

I think Tom’s vocals compliment the song so much, as he possess a touch of fragility and delicacy with the raw elements of his Greater Manchester accent shining through. This adds to the innocence of the track, and doesn’t take attention away from the beautiful instrumental support and lyrics.

My favourite aspect of the song is the subtle yet genius brief key change on the first syllable of ‘choking’ in the line “I called you up, you got me choking up”. It mirrors the idea of actually being speechless as the piercing raise in pitch and key prominently stretches away from the usual tone of the song.

Overall, the song is so unique, like all Blossoms songs, and is so intriguing to listen to. When you dig deeper and really listen to the lyrics and sombre lo-fi synths, it adds amazingly to the sheer purity and reality of the song. Honestly, this track is on par with ‘Fourteen’ and ‘Blow’ as my favourite Blossoms tracks, and I honestly cannot wait for their debut album. If you don’t already listen to this incredible band, you must!

-Angel x

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