Friday Finds- The Night Cafe

Sugar- coated indie pop is a genre very difficult to not adore. The Night Café are a four-piece indie band from Liverpool and have started flaunting their music talents on SoundCloud. Despite only having four tracks released, the band definitely have an established sound and rounded, professional expression of their music. The band possess a chill tone with soft vocals and melodies, married beautifully with striking guitar and drum beats. If you like The Magic Gang, Jaws and Little Comets then this quartet will be right up your street. With a new track recently released, there is no better time than to introduce The Night Café to all you readers.

Their debut track ‘Growing up’ opens with its simple vocal arrangement, backed with compliments from intricate guitar riffs. The song possesses a summer vibe with the syllabic driven note pattern and a memorable melody, so it is sure to stick in your head. The song explores the fears of ‘Growing Up’- justifying the title- and enthuses how important it is to enjoy life while you’re young. The underlying apprehension in the lyrics ‘I’m so scared of growing up’ contrasts its fun-filled tune, covering all adolescent emotions for the perfect track.

‘Addicted’ was the first song I heard by the boys, and it instantly hooked me to their music. The tranquil vibes and so enthralling, with a simple melody throughout. The bridge “I’m addicted to you, I’m addicted” makes me swoon with the soft vocal tone and elongated notes, connoting utter yearn. I love the pause after ‘stop’ in the line “Stop, there’s more to tell”- it enthuse the band’s quirk and charisma. The guitar riffs in this is completely hypnotic. Just love it.

A more upbeat rack by the boys is ‘Together’. I can hear the silky undertones of a Liverpool accent in the more rhythmic tune, which adds to the fun, upbeat feel. The song explores a life long friendship and is enthuses positive vibes. The song opens with a gorgeous intricate guitar riff to heighten the tune in preparation for the striking drum beats. My favourite part of the song is the end of the chorus “I’ll be here till the end” where the last note is riffed, adding to that fun-filled feel.

Their latest song ‘Time’ exhumes the universally loved sugar-coated, summer indie sound that sultry spring weather craves. The song begins with an ascending note, interrupted with another intricate guitar riff – that mirrors the song of steel-pan drums with its high pitch and short note pattern; this is carried throughout the song to continue this feel. The chorus is contagiously catchy, with a lot of repetition, making it stick in your head. I can definitely see this being an anthem for summer 2016.

Overall, The Night Cafe are only just emerging on the indie music scene, however I can predict big things for these boys in the very near future. Their bitter-sweet, raw sound is impossible not to love. If you want to check out the band’s music, their Soundcloud is linked below.

-Angel x

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