Vitamin Interview

Leeds quartet VITAMIN have been slowly emerging on the music scene, after releasing EPs ‘Giving It Up’ and ‘To Believe’. With their electronic 80s style pop music, the band’s music exhume happy vibes, showing comparisons to The 1975, Bombay Bicycle Club and CHVRCHES. Their sound screams summertime and has a unique feel that separates them from any artists I know. I was lucky enough to interview Jared (lead vocalist) and Harrison (bassist) before their show supporting The Magic Gang at Oxford Bullingdon, on their UK tour.


How would you describe your sound?

Jared answered succinctly with ‘electronic influence guitar music, with a soulful twist.’

As an avid listener to their music, I can definitely say that VITAMIN’s material is to taste; with such a variety of genres mixed together, I can understand how it would not be everyone’s cup of tea. I, however, absolutely love their soulful nostalgic vibes with synth driven melodies and edgy guitar riffs- a new, fresh and inspiring indie sound.

Is there any current music you are loving?

‘I recently saw Pinegrove, a US band- slacker rock, I’ve been really into it lately.’ Jared commented.

We then went on to talk about The Last Shadow Puppets, and their new album. Jared admittedly had ‘only heard some singles’ but ‘liked the first one’. I retaliated saying it takes a few listeners to ‘get’ the album, but once you do, the magic to appreciate is infinite.

Who is your music inspiration?

Harrison stated ‘Talking Heads. Coz they just think outside the box.’ Jared commented saying ‘I think your music heroes are those you grow up listening to, like what your mum and dad played. Mine would be 70s stuff like Marvin Gaye and Tracy Chapman.’

The boys also went on to discuss their love for Bjork, the electronic pop singer from Iceland, because of ‘all she stands for’ and her ‘approach to music’.

What’s it like touring with The Magic Gang?

‘See, its only our second show with them, so we’re still kind of in the ‘First Date’ phase. We hadn’t met them before, but they’re cool.’ Jared and Harrison agreed.

What’s your favourite song to perform live?

‘Probably ones off the new album,’ Harrison pondered, ‘Waterfall is always fun, the crowd like that.’

I then went on to confess I stayed up to listen to the new single ‘Waterfall’ to play on Radio 1 for its debut, and confirmed it is an absolute tune.

If you could support or co-headline a tour with any band in the world, who would it be?

The boys both looked at each other, flashed a cheeky smile and communally said ‘Chic!’

When I asked why, Jared said ‘Why not? I challenge you to come up with a reason why not!’ To which I resigned; I could not conjure up a reason why the American funk-soul band would not be a dream to share the stage with

Plans for the band’s future?

VITAMIN are releasing their debut album soon, and anticipate the festival season, where they will be playing at Live at Leeds and Underground festival. If you’re going to either of these, I definitely recommend catching VITAMIN’s set!

Lastly, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

After a hard think, Harrison came to a decision ‘Okay, I think I would move shit with my hands… Telekinesis! I just want to be Peter Petrelli.’

We briefly bonded over our shared love of the US TV show ‘Heroes’, as Jared deliberated over his answer- I loved how seriously he took it.

‘I’d teleport, oh or time travel- yeah.’ Jared decided, the tone of his voice way too excited. ‘I’d go back to before The Beatles and write all their songs and say they’re mine. Or like write all the best songs ever written and put them on one album.’

Thinking about his answer actually stunned me, and I commented how it would mess up the world as we know it.

I resolved the interview with Harrison telling me how cool my name was: ‘Angel Witney… how are you not famous?’ to which I answered ‘I’m just not famous yet’. They boys told me how they didn’t really have any pre-show rituals to hype them up and ‘just ate food really’. I promised the band I’d ensure there was mosh pits for their set later that evening and said goodbye.

If you want to hear more of VITAMIN’s music, there are on Spotify and SoundCloud, and their new single ‘Waterfall’ is available for purchase now. The band’s song ‘This Isn’t Love’ has been at the top of my playlist for a while, so they are so worth the listen if you’re into synth fuelled, fiery summer beats. The boys can also be found @thisisvitamin on all social media, if you want to keep up to date with gigs and band news. To hear my review of their performance supporting The Magic Gang the same evening, click on the link below.

-Angel x

Twitter – @angelxwitney

Instagram – @ohmyangel_



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