Friday Finds- The Clause

Completely fresh on the music scene, with one single released on Spotify, The Clause left a lasting impression on me from the first listen. The band consists of Pearce Macca (lead vocals and guitar), Liam Deakin (guitarist), Niall Fennel (drums) and Jonny Fyffe (bass and backing vocals). The Birmingham quartet’s song ‘Shut Me Out’ is your typical indie tune, with all the components for a great track. I had the pleasure of interviewing the band, and uncover some more information for all you readers.


Firstly, what artists would you compare your music to?

“Indie rock in general is our main inspiration, bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves, The Kooks, Jaws, Arctic Monkeys and that kind of thing. We’re all into different things then try and bring it all together”

If you could support any band, who would it be?

“Probably Arctic Monkeys because of the atmosphere and the nostalgia that we all grew up with them, but probably Catfish also, because they seem like nice people and would be nice to share the stage with a band who were in the same position as us not long ago.”

How did the name ‘The Clause’ come about?

“We had a pretty embarrassing name for a while previous which I’m not even gonna mentioned, and we were desperately looking for something new. Pearce was sat having tea one night and it came to him and he thought it had a good ring to it so we went with that”

Is there a venue you’d really love to play some day?

“Brixton academy! We all love London and record their regularly, half of us are from there. Every band who plays there rates and say it’s a mad venue, so we’d love to one day take the stage there.”

If you could go back in time to any gig, what would it be?

“Either Roses at Spike Island or Oasis at Knebworth, the atmosphere looked unreal at both, and it seemed like a much simpler time and better time for music.”

If you’re song ‘Shut me out’ can be played on any TV show what would it be?

Probably programmes like Inbetweeners or Gavin and Stacey, they always have anthems on in the background, if we could be somewhere in the mix that’d be unreal. To be on a show like Peaky Blinders, seen as though they’re brummies and all it’d be quite fitting.

Do you have an particular pre gig foods?

“Whenever we get together and gig or record and write, we binge on pure crap. Greasy take aways and McDonald’s, that kind of thing.”

To find out more about The Clause, clink on the link to their Twitter and Spotify below! Keep your eyes pealed to see if you can catch them at any gigs coming up, particularly if you’re in Birmingham.

-Angel x


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