Interview with Bandicoot

I have kept an eye on these boys for a while now  and I am glad that I have. They have kept on growing and the future is bright for 4 boys from Sunny Swansea.

I was lucky enough to get an interview with them and to talk about the band and themselves.

Hey guys would you like to introduce yourselves:

We are called Bandicoot, a band from Swansea in South Wales. We play music which is best described as being indie / punk / rock n roll, but struggles to fit neatly into either of these categories. Rhys Underdown is the singer, guitarist and saxophonist, Billy Stillman is the drummer, Gareth Goss is the lead guitarist, and Jamie Morgan is our newly acquired bassist.

Any interesting facts no one knows about you?

Billy’s fact is that his second language is Cat. Gareth says he has an obsession with the Dadaist art movement and Rhys says he bathes daily in goat’s milk.

What are your favourite toppings on bagels?

Gareth’s favourite toping is cream cheese and smoked salmon, with a hint of oregano and lemon juice, Billy says cheese and jam and Rhys says chocolate spread.

Who are your favourite bands at the moment?

Gareth’s is Mac Demarco, Rhys’ is Joy Division, Jamie’s is the Smiths and Billy’s is REM.

Best gig and venue you’ve played?

The best gig we’ve played was probably last year at The Scene, March 13th. We won the local battle of the bands final and got a grand for it which has helped us out so much with recording new material, and also funded our recent mini UK tour. Plus it was a sold out show in a 300 max capacity venue, which was very nice indeed.

I’ve noticed you’re over 3000 views on souncloud, 1073 likes on Facebook and 938 followers on twitter. You’ve now got fans in America which is a big deal. How do you guys feel about the support you’ve received so far?

The support we’ve received online has been wonderful. Soundcloud especially has been an excellent platform from which to share our music. Hearing the words of songs sung back from the crowd, and seeing the crowd react to their favourite songs being played is a special feeling, and our online support has allowed this to happen. Having fans in America is absolutely crazy – when we were writing these songs, we hardly thought anybody would ever hear them, let alone people thousands of miles away.

How was playing alongside Blaenavon who are currently on the path to the big leagues. Do you see yourself being there in the next couple of year?

Playing alongside Blaenavon was so surreal – we’d been to see them a year before at Swn Festival in Cardiff and watched them play in Undertone and thought they were absolutely fantastic.It’s so cool to see them progressing so well, and their debut album looks set to be a stormer. They are such lovely guys and were very kind and polite. The drummer even gave Rhys his phone number which he found very charming.

We’d love to be in their position in the next few years. Playing with Blaenavon, as well as other bands we’ve recently supported such as Estrons, The Sherlocks and VANT, has made it a far more realistic prospect.

Lastly what’s the news on the 3 new recorded songs?

We’ve been busy this week recording three new songs. We feel that they’re our best recordings yet. We have taken so much time perfecting each detail, and we really cannot wait to show everyone. It’s been a while since we put anything new out so we’re ridiculously excited. Things are rather juicy at the Bandicamp 🙂


Keep an eye out for these boys. They just finished their mini UK tour and the new songs are going to bang. As soon as they are released I will be doing a review.

I would like to thank the band for answering the questions and for being lovely. They have a bright future and I am happy for them.







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