Wow. Yak’s debut album ‘Alas Salvation’ dropped yesterday and it is quite something.

Brilliant, raw, powerful, bold.

If you’re into loud, excited guitar music you’ll like Yak. But with this debut, they’ve managed to brush off all of the old, stale and clashy-ness that modern guitar music sometimes carries with it, and create what is, in my opinion, one of the best debuts I’ve heard for a long time.

Including the well-loved ‘Hungry Heart’, Yak have provided us with a multitude of new tunes that are all just as effortlessly rowdy and spontaneous. And the special thing about these tunes being that they’re not just loud, they’re not all over the place, but in fact they also harbour a secret of beautiful melodies. You can see that they’re not only rockstars who smash their guitars around the stage, but are also pretty thoughtful guys too. I’m really digging, in particular, ‘Take It’, ‘Please Don’t Wait For Me’ and ‘All You Need Is A Stranger’ – It’s songs like these where you see that Yak trio Oli, Andy and Elliot are in fact meticulous and sensitive, not just messy or all over the place.

I was fortunate enough to be doing merch for Yak last night at Stereo in Glasgow, the day of the release and so got to see these guys doing their thing live for my second time. They really do rock. Even their sound check was enough to get you excited and bursting to move! Their energy is jaw-dropping, their ability to get that crowd moving, and not to mention those pits – crazy. Do yourself a favour and grab tickets for Yak’s current tour before they all disappear, I can assure you won’t be disappointed. I can also say that this trio are so kind, fun and friendly and were such a pleasure to chat to, and not intimidating at all – which may surprise you if you’ve seen them live before.

Combining garage-rock, punk and perhaps some shoegaze-y undertones, Alas Salvation is a creative and brave debut that’s sure to leave you blown away.


Katya Spiers


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