London’s go-to gigs 2016

What a time to be alive. With the release of new music from The Strokes, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Two Door Cinema Club, The Stone Roses and many more- plus confirmation that Jamie T, Peace,  Slaves, Splashh, Superfood, Jaws and The Arctic Monkeys are to be back in the studio within a year, the garden of indie music is sprouting thick and fast! Over recent weeks, many artists have announced UK tours and gigs; another dimension of excitement for us indies. If you’re like me, and mainly attend gigs in London, you must read my guide to the hottest gigs in London for the rest of 2016, so you can nab your tickets and end this year on the high it deserves. If you are also like me and usually go for a ticket priced at under £20, I’ve got your gig fix without breaking the bank.

1) FIDLAR – Electric Brixton – 12/07/16

This stand alone gig is guaranteed to be a sweaty night, with the LA quartet’s punk rock vibes. Tickets are on the pricey side at £19, but what do we expect when we have to ship the boys all the way from the States? Supported by Public Access T.V, Fidlar’s London gig is a great way to kick off your summer.

2)  Sundara Karma- Heaven- 16/09/16

I didn’t think a Sundara Karma gig could get any better, until they announced INHEAVEN would be supporting them. The band’s London show in September is the first of their recently announced UK tour. Not to mention the boys’ mellow indie rock vibes, tickets are priced at only £11, so won’t break the bank after the expensive festival season this summer.

3) Ratboy- London O2 Forum- 22/09/16

Now, I know he is an acquired taste and not all readers would rejoice at this news, but Ratboy is going on a UK tour in September. I have never been to one of his gigs myself, but I do know there is no scarcity of energy. Ticket prices have not yet been announced, and the general sale will take place later this week.

4) The Magic Gang- Scala- 28/09/16

A lot of media hype was created surrounding TMG’s gig at Scala, London. I can just feel that something magical is going to happen, and everyone must be a part of it. After playing Roundhouse Rising in March, this is the boys’ biggest show to date. Ensure to catch them at one of the many festivals this summer! Also, tickets are a reasonable £12.50- can’t go wrong.

5) Oscar- Tufnell Park The Dome- 04/10/16

Oscar’s debut album ‘Cut and Paste’ was so extraordinarily incredible that one would be insane to not go to his UK album tour. Firstly, £8.50 per ticket is music to my ears, but regardless, the tour’s London show is bound to be a hoot as Oscar plays his hometown.

6) Black Honey- The Lexington- 05/10/16

The announcement of Black Honey’s UK tour had everyone buzzing, but when I saw their London show had an age restriction of 18+ I was pretty disappointed. Nevertheless, for those of you who are old enough, this gig is bound to be a great night, as the band’s music is bursting with energy. £9.00 per ticket is a great price, you really can’t go wrong.

7) The Amazons- Oslo Hackney- 13/10/16

Also another 18+ gig, but The Amazons’ UK tour in October is bund to be a great night. Their track ‘Ultraviolet’ is my current favourite song; all their music has uplifting riffs that guarantees a great gig. At £9.50 a ticket there’s really no excuse not to check out this UK rock quartet.

8) DMA’s – Electric Ballroom- 24/10/16

The indie rock Australian trio are coming to the UK later on in 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited! I absolutely love their debut album ‘Hills End’, and hearing it live is going to be the icing on the cake. Tickets are beautifully affordable at £12 each.

9) Glass Animals- Roundhouse- 25/10/16

If ‘Life Itself’ hasn’t been stuck in your head from the moment you heard it, then you obviously don’t share my love for Glass Animals. The Oxford-based quartet announced this stand alone gig earlier this month and it got me buzzing! Tickets are on the pricey side at £19.50, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a very special gig.

10) Yak- Scala- 27/10/16

After the release of their incredible debut album ‘Alas Salvation’, I was desperate for a Yak gig. Their rock/garage punk sound enthuses the magnetic, sonic-heft vibes needed for sweaty mosh pits and an insane atmosphere. Only £11 a ticket is unquestionably good value for money.

11) Spring King- KOKO- 28/10/16

Quite possibly the gig I’m most looking forward to attending later this year: Spring King at London’s KOKO. As expected, their debut album ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ utterly blew me away, and I knew I had to nab my tickets straight away. £15 is a reasonable price for such a talented group, especially when they are to be supported by indie rock band Get Inuit.

12) James Blake- Eventim Apollo- 01/11/16

Okay, this is kind of an exception to the ‘gigging on a budget’ policy I laid down earlier, but when I saw that James Blake was touring later this year, I almost cried. Yes, at £24.25 a ticket I most definitely cannot afford it (unless some kind stranger will take me. it will be much appreciated), but his most recent album ‘The Colour In Anything’ is so majestic that I can’t help but be excited.

13) The Big Moon- Scala- 03/11/16

The indie female quartet are playing a one night gig at London’s Scala later this year. After hearing their profile raise over the last few months, and their placement on some hot festival line ups, I can predict this gig being a game changer for the band’s career. Their chill, pristine sound is more than worth the £11.25 ticket.

14) Fickle Friends- Heaven- 03/11/16

A huge dilemma I faced when sorting through the gig tickets to buy for the remainder of the year, was that The Big Moon and Fickle Friends were putting on London gigs on the same night. For a more electronic, synth driven gig, all for £8, Fickle Friends is a great choice. ‘Swim’ is still one of my all time favourite songs, and I cannot wait to see it live during the festival season.

There will most definitely be more gigs announced soon, but for now, these are the tickets you need to snatch up! Be sure to catch a lot of these acts during the festival season this summer, as I know a lot are announced already. I am attending both Truck and Reading festivals this summer and couldn’t be more excited!

-Angel x




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