Tufnell Park Dome presents Goldenvoice

The 40 minute train journey to London Marylebone passed surprisingly swift as I prepared myself for the night ahead. After a short notice venue change from Hyde Park to Tufnell Park Dome, the sold out pop up festival had everyone buzzing. I was honestly in awe that a line up that included The Magic Gang, Spring King and The Wytches cost only £10 a ticket. I wondered around Camden for a few hours, meeting friends who were similarly attending the special event, then took a wonder around North London; drinking on Primrose Hill was the perfect way to commence the evening.

I missed the first two acts of the night- Shame and Dream Wife- but heard from other people that they were exceptional warm up acts. By the time The Magic Gang were due to play I was utterly intoxicated and bursting with adrenaline and excitement. I don’t remember the exact setlist, but the band opened, as usual, with ‘Lady, Please’. As soon as the opening riff filled the corners of the Dome, the crowd erupted. The gig felt so intimate, making the connection between The Magic Gang and the crowd insane. It was my third time seeing one of my favourite bands; elation doesn’t even suffice for how I felt.

Their tunes ‘Jasmine’ ‘She Doesn’t See’ and ‘Feeling Better’ are classic crowd favourites and whipped everyone into a frenzy; screaming out the catchy lyrics and moving to the melodic riffs and drum beats. Their renowned closing track ‘No Fun’ encapsulated the venue with its haunting opening riff and uplifting verse that followed. I adored Kristian’s handsome new haircut, Jack was irresistible as ever and the band did not disappoint at all. Despite The Magic Gang’s set being similar on the other two occasions I have seen them live, each of their gigs brings such a new experience and exposes a new kind of brilliant atmosphere.

The lights came back up, and most of the crowd gravitated outside to the smoking area. As I searched around looking dazed and confused, some guys next to me asked “Have you lost a shoe?” I replied “No, I’ve lost my friends.” We chatted for a while and they ended up promising they would get me to crowd surf during Spring King’s set.


I have no recollection of the exact set list during Spring King, but I do remember being scooped up by the boys I met and gliding over the sweaty bodies during the opening riff. ‘Who are You’, ‘Rectifier’ and ‘Tell me if you like to’ are vividly engrained in my mind as the crowd went utterly wild. I even managed to make it up on stage with Spring King on two occasions;  danced and sang before stage diving onto the morass of hot bodies below. It was such an incredible feeling to be totally immersed in the music and to let go.

I had never seen Spring King live, and I was so impressed with how swiftly they captured the crowd’s energy and put on an excellent performance. Like The Magic Gang, they seemed like such a humble band, which really makes the audience respect and appreciate their music even more. I was also so happy with the security at Tufnell Park Dome; most venues are so harsh about people getting on stage, but this venue allow everyone to have a good time and encourage people to get down or stage dive after a while, which I highly respect.

Drenched in sweat, and beginning to come down from the alcohol high, I stumbled into the smoking area after Spring King had exited the stage. I met so many incredible people that night, many of which were going to be attending Truck festival like me. I have to admit, I have never been a massive fan of The Wytches; maybe it was because I have never given them a proper listen, but as my energy started to plummet I really didn’t feel bothered about seeing them. After chatting with other like-minded attendees of the gig, I went upstairs again and stood next to the 10 ft speakers on the outskirts of the crowd. The Wytches were very intense and from what I saw of the mosh pits, the more dedicated fans were adoring their set. By this point I was exhausted and needed to leave to catch the last train back to High Wycombe, my home town.


The lonesome train ride home had me both drained and buzzing as I recalled my experiences of the night. Seeing The Magic Gang and Spring King made me so excited for Truck and Reading festivals and their autumn shows. I also adore meeting new people at gigs, as they share your love and passion and it’s an instantaneous common interest to bond over; and good music taste is the single most important thing, obviously! Keep your eyes peeled for any more pop up events like these as they ar super good value for money.

-Angel x


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