Farewell, Nai Harvest

On the 21st of July 2016, cult indie punk duo Nai Harvest announced their breakup. From humble emo roots akin to the legendary American Football, Nai Harvest sprawled into a mess of fuzzy indie punk, loudly and proudly pioneering a new and unique sound that was loved closely by a tight-knit community of fans.

Do not resent their passing, both Ben (guitar/vocals) and Lew (drums) are moving on to great things. Ben is starting a new art and music venture with his girlfriend known as “Luxury Death”, who will be releasing music this month, which we should all look forward to with hindsight into Ben’s pure technical ability and skill with music – especially his strong point of guitar and vocals. Lew is going to Copenhagen to study Game Art and Design, which I’m sure he will flourish in after seeing some of his artistic skill outside of his intricate drumming. We have definitely not lost the skills of the two artists who pushed this band forward with pure talent, and they will surely stick in the music and arts industry, and I wish them the best of luck.

Nai Harvest were and are very dear to my heart, their lyrics striking a chord with me and their music style obviously influencing my own musical outlook, Ben’s guitar patterns and beautiful tone heavily influencing me. Since I first heard the opening chords to ‘Hold Open My Head’ I fell in love with the boys’ sound and outlook, fusing indie and emo with a very unique twist, and their fullness as a two-piece showing their pure technical know-how.

If you’ve not checked out Nai Harvest, I’d recommend songs such as ‘Buttercups’, ‘Pastel’ and ‘Hold Open My Head’, yet their first album, not available to stream or download on iTunes or Spotify, ‘Whatever’ should definitely not be overlooked.

Nai Harvest’s position as a leading member of the DIY scene of music never fails to inspire me, their songs are straight from the heart and their live performances full of energy, passion and raw emotion. Maybe they’ll come back in a few years, maybe they won’t, yet all I have to say is thank you. Thank you for your music, your inspiration and your kindness in person. I’ll say it again – Ben, Lew, and anyone else who helped them become who they were, thank you, and good luck.



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