Truck Takeover: Saturday

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to the casual natters of fellow camp mates and a pounding headache; the hangover had already begun. I had a lot more acts on my line up planner for Saturday than the rest of the weekend, so ignored the feeling of utter death and prepared myself for the day ahead. A morning of traipsing around the campsite, eating food and (ignorantly) drinking passed swiftly in my excited state, and all too soon it was time for my first act of the day; Bloody Knees.

I had seen BK support Wolf Alice at the Forum earlier this year, and have been following their music for a long while. My friends and I stumbled into the centre of the crowd, where the inevitable mosh pits would raucously commence, and waited for the band to take the stage. The whole Market Stage was engulfed with the energy and strong musical statements Bloody Knees offered. The mosh pits did not cease. My favourite song by Bloody Knees, ‘Stitches’, had me buzzing as I screeched the lyrics: “And I’m covered in blood” as loud as I physically could. The band ended their set with ‘Ears, Eyes, Ohs and Yous’, whipping everyone into a frenzy, and making us sweat out the last drops of hydration we had to offer.

I saw fractions of The Big Moon and Fickle Friends’ sets, due to clashes and distractions. The girl band took the Main Stage like utter pros; The Big Moon have such charisma and a pure approach to their music that gives them even more of the love-factor. The airy, refreshing tone to the band’s music makes it impossible to not be encapsulated by their performance. Fickle Friends’ set at the Market Stage was just as energetic and dance-provoking as I imagined. I only managed to stay for their first two songs but the vibes were incredible.

The reading quartet Sundara Karma were next to take the Main Stage, and they did not disappoint. The atmosphere inside the arena was buzzing as crowd pleaser ‘Young Understanding’ played. I had seen Sundara Karma support Circa Waves in October 2015, but nothing compared to hearing ‘Flame’ on such a mass scale; I managed to get on someone’s shoulders for the chorus and screamed out the lyrics in my tired, croaky voice. It was incredible. Sadly, I had to leave their set early because Spector (eg the loves of my lives) were about to commence on the Nest Stage.

I had never seen Spector before, but class them as one of my favourite bands. I have listened to ‘Moth Boys’ and ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ countless times and when they were announced to play at Truck I screamed and cried (of joy). I jostled my way through the bustling crowd as the tent overflowed with people. I somehow managed to join Harry at the middle of the barrier, and stood there, barely able to keep still due to the adrenaline racing through me; I had been waiting for this moment for so long. Fred Macpherson emerged onto the stage with the same charisma and charm that I have only heard about, wearing his infamous suit and tie with a trench coat (despite the fact the weather was sweltering all weekend).

The set went by like a dream. From ‘Bad Boyfriend’ to ‘Chevy Thunder’ to the suspected closing song ‘All the Sad Young Men’. For the entire 45 minutes the crowd kept chanting for ‘Reeperbahn’ until Fred gave in an gave us a flavour of the opening verse; everyone went wild. I remember Fred grabbing my hand as he propped himself up onto the barrier, and I swear my heart stopped beating for a brief second. I left The Nest tent utterly awestruck. Spector put on such a fantastic performance and having barrier was the icing on the cake. It was by far the highlight of my week.

Coming back from my state of euphoria, I dashed back to the Market Stage to catch Swim Deep. The mellow, psychedelic vibes were exactly what I needed after a long day of mosh pits. As expected, the atmosphere noticeably changed as Austin Williams and the boys came out. ‘Fuehio Boogie’, ‘King City’ and ‘Honey’ made it impossible not to dance with the melodic dream pop sound. ‘She Changes The Weather’ was a magical moment; I was reduced to tears as the sweet lyrics and beautiful melody engulfed the tent.

I did not manage to catch that evening’s headline, Manic Street Preachers, but did catch Circa Waves’ set. As ever, the band exhumed summer vibes and put on an excellent show at the Main Stage. The mosh pits were mad and elation filled the arena as ‘T-shirt Weather’ played. With raspy, worn out voices everyone sang and with tired, achy limbs everyone danced and it felt like I was back in Shepherds Bush Empire in April 2015 when I first saw the band.

Like the last, the night past like a blur- a whirlwind of dancing and alcohol consumed me and before I knew it I was seeing Sunday morning. Saturday was my favourite day at Truck, as I saw so many good acts, and the festival was at its peak- I do know that seeing Big Narstie at the DJ tent was one of the highlights of my weekend.

-Angel x


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