Leeds quartet, Clay, have become one of the most anticipated upcoming bands within the UK indie scene since the release of their powerhouse debut single, ‘Sun Dance’ in October 2014. 

Almost two years later, they have over 8000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a stunning three track EP under their belt and are currently powering through their first headline tour of the UK. The group hit the stage of intimate venue, The Moon Club, on a rather cool evening but managed to raise the temperature with their contagious energy and impressively indelible choruses of their nine song set.

New boys on the block Fossette opened up the night – complete with glow sticks and good hits. ‘Drag Me Down’ was a highlight, with somewhat relentless guitar lines the track became an instant ear worm, which resulted in it being played repetitively on Spotify post-gig. Other tracks from the set generated eagerness within the crowd, such as ‘Living In A Box’ & Soundcloud sensation ‘Polar’ -renowned as their ‘hit single’. Their infectious humour and strong stage presence set the tone for the rest of the night – a job well done and a band to keep an eye on!

Although Clay were the focal point of the evening, they were welcomed to Cardiff by local support act We’re No Heroes, whom are regulars at the venue, respectably playing their own headline show earlier this year in February. Clad in white boiler suits, the energetic trio almost passed their curfew – but that did not stop them closing with ‘Stay Weird’, of which was well received by the crowd. WNH also announced that their next single will be released in October as they will continue to grow within their sounds of almost psychedelic pop/rock. WNH have received the success they deserve this year across the board, playing one of this year’s most successful festivals thus far – Truck and releasing hit ‘Voodoo’ with aforementioned B-Side ‘Stay Weird’ on 7″ Vinyl. 

With the glowing backdrop and dimmed lights, Clay took to the stage as ‘Heaven’ played. Opening their set with fan favourite ‘Stay Calm!’, the buzzing atmosphere was evident right from the start. Playing in a smaller venue allowed the band to feel more connected with the fans, smiles being sent across to those singing the lyrics back to frontman Joe. 

As an avid user of Spotify, it was pleasing to hear ‘Oxygen’, of which has only been released on Soundcloud. Two unreleased tracks, ‘The Beach’ & ‘You Were Always On My Mind’ received a positive response, with the tempo of ‘YWAOMM’ creating more of a low-key feeling after following the electronic, effervescent vibes of ‘Why?’. This state of calm didn’t last for long though, the repetitive but effective chorus of ‘Nothing Happened’ sparked spirit within the crowd, arm waving and grooving moves galore behind those stood in the front row.
Following traditions of most live acts, Clay chose to finish with two of their most popular singles, recent discography addition ‘Honest’ and long standing ‘Sun Dance’. ‘Honest’, arguably the most popular and strongest song from the ‘Heaven’ EP, was performed with such ease, the band are clearly well rehearsed as intricacy within their performance was clearly evident. 

Their aesthetics create such a solid tone for a gig that they exceeded my expectations, proving that they can continue to grow as a band. ‘Sun Dance’ is most likely to always be considered the tune that rocket launched their pathways, similar to Blossoms’ ‘Blow’ or HONNE’s ‘Warm On A Cold Night’, a defining track that will continue to stay with the group but imprinted their sound from the very beginning. 

With plenty of new material and merchandise on the way, the Northern boys are living up to the expectations of crowds across the country as fans are keeping an eager eye on their progress. Quick paced, strong willed and determined. Aesthetically, lyrically and musically pleasing. Why would you take your eye off them?


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