Pretty Vicious Interview at Victorious Festival 2016

Last weekend (27th-28th August 2016) we were at Victorious Festival in Southsea, which boasted a line-up including Manic Street Preachers, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and Pretty Vicious. We had a chat with Pretty Vicious after their set, ahead of their gig supporting Noel Gallagher in Swansea’s Singleton Park this Friday (2nd September 2016).

Let It Happen: Hey guys, could you introduce yourselves?

Jarvis: I’m Jarvis, I play bass.

Brad: I’m Brad and I sing.

Tom: I’m Tom, I play guitar.

Elliot: And I’m Elliot and I’m the drummer.

Let It Happen: You just played a gig in your hometown (Merthyr) supporting Madness. What was that like?

Tom: Great!

Elliot: Yeah, that was awesome. It was our first homecoming show we’ve played since we played some of our first ever shows there.

Tom: Like 2 years ago.

Elliot: The capacity of the first venue was about 200 and the capacity of this one was about–

Tom: About 6,000-7,000.

Jarvis: Yeah, big difference.



Let It Happen: You’ve also supported bands like Manic Street Preachers and Wolf Alice. Could you say what your favourite gig has been so far?

Jarvis: Ah, the Wolf Alice one. We played the O2 Forum back in March

Tom: On my birthday!

Elliot: We went over to Japan as well where we played with Darlia.

Brad: That was great.

Jarvis: Yeah, that was good.

Elliot: That one’s probably up there with our favourite gigs.

Brad: Everyone was singing.

Tom: You had people who’s first language wasn’t English that were singing back to our songs.

Jarvis: Singing it louder than us!

Elliot: And some of them had Welsh flags. The thought of Japanese people going out of their way to by Welsh flags.

Jarvis: Probably don’t even know where Wales is

Elliot: They’re not stupid, Jarv. They’re not like you (laughing)


Let It Happen: You’ve played a load of major festivals over the last 2 years like Glastonbury and R&L. Which festival do you most enjoy playing?

Brad: Reading.

Jarvis: Reading.

Elliot: Well, my favourite festival has been Y Not.

Tom: Y Not was the best one out of the festivals.

Elliot: Best as a gig was Y Not but best atmosphere was probably Reading.

Brad: That was brilliant, that was.

Let It Happen: You recently released your EP ‘Cave Song’ and you’ve got an album coming soon. How’s that going?

Tom: We’re working on it right now.

Elliot: We’ve just come from the studio to play here and then we’re going straight back to the studio.


Let It Happen: How far have you gotten through with recording?

Tom: Near the end now.

Jarvis: Last 2 weeks.

Brad: We’ve got 12 days or something like that.

Elliot: Just doing vocals and leads now.

Tom: And touch ups.

Elliot: As soon as that’s done we can start releasing tunes that aren’t demos, because apart from ‘Are You Ready For Me?’, everything we’ve put out so far have been demos.

Tom: Which we’ve done in like 3 days.

Elliot: And get to start releasing proper physical singles.


Let It Happen: You’ve got Fangclub supporting you on your upcoming tour. What drew you to inviting them?

Elliot: It was a recommendation, because we couldn’t find anyone at short notice that we wanted to support us really. We just asked our record label if they had any good suggestions and they said Fangclub, so yeah.

Tom: They sounded really good when we listened to them.

Elliot: It’s really easy to pick supports for single venues, but when it comes to the full tour, bands are either too small to afford it or their too big to support you.

Tom: Although we’ve toured with some great bands, we’ve never had a band that really sounds anything like us.


Let It Happen: Finally, if you weren’t in a band right now, what do you reckon you’d be doing?

Jarvis, Brad & Tom at the same time: Prison (laughting)

Elliot: Prison or dead for Jarvis, prison or dead for Brad – probably dead–

Jarvis: You’d be a lawyer or something.

Elliot: I’d be in college. I’m not that fucking good, come on now.


Jarvis: Me and Bradley would be sharing the cell (laughing)

Brad: We’d write a lot of good song so it doesn’t matter.

You can catch Pretty Vicious across the UK on their upcoming tour, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Words & photos: Jacob Winter (@JacobWinter1912)




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