Dose – Bloom

Dose are an Indie Shoegaze band from Newcastle, UK. Their debut song, Bloom, was only released 10 days ago – you can already tell they’re going to be special. Watch out for these guys!13254025_1575113286120225_5500105008172259442_n

The long intro is an interesting one – the repeating guitar riffs with some synth fades included makes you feel relaxed but also listening intently for the song to really begin. After around a minute, the drums come in and the song becomes much more upbeat. This part of the song reminds me of Lush’s early work – specifically their 1992 album, Spooky.

The absence of vocals throughout the song makes you really concentrate on the guitar solos and the simple drum beats. Although the song includes some experimental synth parts, the basic sounds somehow work.

Usually, I’m not really into this type of music but this song has really been a great introduction to the genre for me and I personally can’t wait for them to release more material!

Elin X

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