‘Mummrunner’ And Why You Should Listen To Them!

Being a fan of bands such as Jaws, Diiv, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine made me hooked on the style of shoe-gaze and the dream pop noise that they create. When I found this band, I felt like I had struck gold. It was like I had found the perfect mix between the four.

I came across ‘Mummrunner’ last year when they released their single ‘Bond’ after searching Spotify for new music. When first listening, I thought “Wow. What a song, this will be the song for my summer”. Funnily enough it was.


The four-piece are from Tampere, Finland and produce incredible dream pop with added shoe gaze and a hint of alternative rock to create a distinctive sound. Since their debut single release, the band have since gone on to release two EP’s. ‘Full Blossom’ which was released in May of 2015 and ‘Gentle Slopes’ which was released on the 9th September 2016. Both EP’s feature 5 songs each, all captivating the bands shoe-gaze sound. The reverb on the guitars with heavy effects create this dreamy feeling on tracks such as ‘Gentle Slopes’ and ‘Turn’ on their second EP, which fully immerses the listener. Stand out tracks such as ‘Sputnik’ and ‘Shawshank’ appear to show an element of Diiv and their catchy beats, dreamy guitars and vocals.

However, I feel their best work (so far) is Bond. Their single in the lead up to their debut EP is something worth shouting about. At the beginning of the track we hear a gentle guitar rhythm and with a few taps of a symbol you are blasted into the fast paced track, not wanting it to end. When the song fades away, you have to hit replay.

Listen to their latest EP here:



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