TRASH- The New Kids on the Block

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Trash are far from rubbish. After stumbling across the band at this year’s Truck festival, I’ve become an avid fan of the dreamy, indie pop boy band from Chesterfield. Despite only being formed in 2014, they’ve quickly established a strong, psychedelic sound full of reverb and riffs which are often accompanied by euphoric choruses that are screaming to be played live.

Their first EP ‘Urban Glow’, released in 2015, could easily be the soundtrack to a British coming of age film, full of summer haziness and optimism but with an underlying tone of sadness. This must be, in part, down to the young age of the band. With an average age of 18, it feels like this debut is a clear reflection of the band members and their teenage antics. However, their youth isn’t reflected in their live performances, with a stage presence and confidence that bands carrying many more years of experience fail to achieve. After being at most of this year’s major festivals, such as Y Not, these guys are slowly but surely gaining a dedicated following of teens, with some on social media already labelling the band as ‘their idols’.

At pretty much the beginning of their musical career you already get the sense that these nostalgic teens will be going onto great things. They say themselves that they’re going to change pop music, and at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

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