Moose Blood – Marrs Bar, Worcester, July 8th. (Pictures and Review)

Before Moose Blood embarked on their UK festival tour,  they announced a handful of small shows dotted around the country to support their highly anticipated second album, “Blush”. One of the shows was in my local city of Worcester at the tiny Marrs Bar music venue. I knew I could not miss this gig. This would be my first time seeing the Canterbury, emo quartet, and the set that followed blew me away.

The band opened with one of their latest singles ‘Honey’ from their second album ‘Blush’, with a chorus of 200 die hard fans screaming the lyrics back to them. The band then sent the crowd crazy following up with fan favourites ‘Bukowski’ and ‘Swim Down’ from their acclaimed 2014 debut “I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time”. Moose Blood create a vivd atmosphere which was evident right from the first beat. Engaging with fans, plying with a smile on their faces, leaving the audience thrilled and exhuberant from start to finish, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band and audience connect in such a way before.

The band then cruised into ‘I Hope You’re Missing Me’ and one of my personal favourites ‘Boston’ in which during the chorus people flung themselves off the barrier-less stage into a hot, sweaty crowd.

Then we were all hit right in the feels. I don’t think i’ll ever forget the screams and cheers of when they started playing ‘Cherry’. Its one of those cult songs, if you know the band well, you’ll know this is their most loved song. To me, this was the highlight of the show. Everyone, singing their hearts out without a care in the world right the way through the song. If you’ve seen Moose Blood live before, you’ll know.

After the emotion was poured out of everyone in that small and cramped but incredible music venue, the band continued with latest hit single ‘Knuckles’, again met with energy and passion from the crowd. One lad in particular caught my eye, at the front, dripping with sweat, wet hair, sporting his Moose Blood t-shirt, screaming his lungs out at everything they played that night. His passion was incredible, I’ve never seen so much before at a gig. However, I’m not surprised I saw it at a Moose blood gig.

The kid with his arms up, I will never see such a die hard fan of any band ever again.

The band went on and played classic songs ‘I Hope You’re Miserable’ , ‘Pup’, and ‘Chin Up’ , yet again to cheers and screams from the choir of fans that they played for. ‘Chin Up’ is the first song I listened to by the band, it was the song that grabbed my attention when surfing for new music on Spotify, scouring through playlists and it stuck out amongst the rest. Me is something that i had never gotten into before Moose Blood, this band for me was like a gateway into a new genre for me which has so much to offer.

“Do you wanna come over later, to my house” sings lead vocalist Eddy Brewerton as the crowd convert screams into lyrics in almost an instant. ‘Gum’ is up there with one of my favourite Moose Blood tracks, it is a perfect song to end their set with as it revolves around going out in the night, having a good time, and not wanting that person to ever leave your side. This song prompted people to climb on shoulders, and due to it being their final song, sing like they’d never done before.

For me, Moose Bloods music makes me think of those happier times, its up beat, its fun, energetic and full of passion. Their fan base have some of the most passionate fans around, they treat the band like its their own and cherish it with all they have.

Pictures taken at the gig:



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