Blaenavon – Let’s Pray EP Review

Blaenavon released their 3rd EP recently. This EP has received a lot of love and the band are something special! The trio have gained support slots with bands such as Sundara Karma, Foals and Warpaint. They also had a busy summer, bagging  festival slots at Reading & Leeds, Latitude and Truck!

The title track, Let’s Pray is fairly laid back with dreamy guitar riffs, the lyrics are clever and the song is catchy. It’s a song that I feel will be a good introduction to this band for someone.

The second track is called I Will Be The World, it begins with a guitar intro but gets heavier about a minute in , it’s one that has been floating around for a few months for this band & I’m glad it’s found a place on this EP. It shows a heavier side to this band that isn’t in  the first track, they contrast slightly but work well together. It is a good track to get the crowd going with its chaotic instrumental which builds up throughout the song.

Something Boring has a similar beginning to I Will Be The World. It is  both acoustic and electric. They manage to perfectly pull back control after the strong electric parts just at the beginning of the song. Just as you think the song has ended, it returns to the calming guitar melody & the same lyrics sang over and over, “I need you to be something real, I need you to be something boring.”

Just Deserts closes the EP, it is stripped bare with no guitar chord or drum fill in sight. This leaves the emotion high with the piano melody fitting perfectly with the lyrics. This track has been on a few fans radar for a while and the studio version lives up to the expectations.

Blaenavon are something special and this EP shows that, lyrics that have a deeper meaning, mixing acoustic with electric, different sides to their sound and beautiful music videos to fit equally beautiful songs. They’re going to be big, with a headline show on the 14th of October at Scala, London and the backing of some big bands, they are one to look out for in the next few months!





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