Colour Of Spring – ‘Snow’

Divine dream pop quartet Colour Of Spring have been riding their own wave of success, featuring on BBC Introducing and building upon their limitless live reputation. Combining spiralling & sprawling shoegaze sounds with neo-psychadaelia, their latest track ‘Snow’ elegantly displays progression from previous tracks such as ‘Grey’ and ‘Pillow’.

Through an eclectic, mesmerising mix of lo-fi and soft vocals, ‘Snow’ simmers with a constant tempo throughout as it depicts a self analysis of short comings and wanting to change your habits for someone you love. The track airs an effortless new wave vibe, supported with layers of heavy but hazy guitar lines. The lyrical ideas and meanings, however, are the focal point – ‘Snow is experience of knowing somebody who eventually disappears from your life over time’. 

Each subsequent listen proves that Colour Of Spring are taking a wholly unique venture into the top-flight of the shoegaze territory; and a triumph within the territory they shall stand.




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