Two Door Cinema Club take The Dome

Following their ground breaking performance at Reading and Leeds festival this summer, Two Door Cinema Club headlined Tufnell Park Dome in London on Wednesday to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album. A 600 capacity venue? A one-off show? These questions circled amongst fans with much bewilderment. Could this be a warm up gig for a possible UK tour? Only time will tell.

After having pre- drinks by Camden Canal, we made the short journey to Tufnell Dome. The venue had a red carpet pathway, juxtaposing the gloomy London pavement. Not only this, but free popcorn was being handed out to those attending the gig; a clever play on the band’s name. I was surprised to see the venue already packed as I entered at 7:15 that evening. With inside knowledge that the band did not have a support act, and were due on at 9pm, it was going to a long and gruelling wait, but mingling amongst similarly excited fans filled the time perfectly.


I can tell you now, the gig was so different to any I had experienced before. I am used to very youthful crowds at these alternative bands, but was taken by surprise as two thirds of the audience seemed to be older than 25; not in any case a bad thing, but it set a very different tone for the evening that I myself am not used to. To put it in perspective, the gig was more of a ‘bobbing with a beer’ event than a volcano eruption of mosh pits and stage diving.

The entertainment commenced with a short half hour film showing the inspiration for the third album, with a lot of military references. The film also showed short interviews with all three band members and their journeys as musicians. I was delighted to see how humble, passionate and determined Two Door Cinema Club are as a band, making me respect their music even more.


The fluorescent blues and purples of Two Doors iconic stage presentation flickered as the boys emerged onto the small stage. As usual, the setlist included many tracks from their 2010 album ‘Tourist History’ (because it undeniably has the most bangers). Fortunately, a group of us started the mosh pits to worship the band’s beautifully executed beat drops. The band’s new songs went down a treat, especially ‘Are We Ready’ and ‘Bad Decisions’. To be honest, the band don’t have a bad song, and all are a clear portfolio of Two Doords unique sound.

Mixing electronic pop synths with guitar hooks constitutes the recipe that makes Two Door such a special band. Their music is like no other, and the boys seem to smash every song released. As other Two Door fans can relate to, the band make me so happy and fill me with this foreign energy I didn’t know existed; a truly spiritual experience to see them live.

I managed to get on people’s shoulders for ‘Do You Want It All?’ and ‘Something Good Can Work’ which was amazing to see everyone in the crowd, a range of ages, utterly enthralled in the music. The vibes, despite being different, felt so celebratory of the band’s special talent; it was one massive party.

As the gig came to a close, I was a sweaty mess- meaning it was a successful night. All of Two Doors songs are so dance provoking, leaving me utterly exhausted by the end of their set. Keep your eyes peeled for an expected announcement of a UK tour from the Irish trio!

-Angel X


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