Interview With Oscar at Victorious Festival 2016

We had a chat with North London-based musician Oscar Scheller at Victorious Festival ahead of his UK tour with Girli, which starts 22nd September.

Let It Happen: We’re at Victorious Festival and Oscar has just played a wonderful set at the Castle Stage. Hello Oscar!

Oscar: Hello-o-o!

Let It Happen: How are you feeling?

Oscar: Pretty good – that was a fun show!

Let It Happen: It certainly was. You’ve just released your debut album ‘Cut And Paste’. How are you feeling about the outcome of it?

Oscar: I’m quite happy really and I feel at peace with it ’cause I’ve had it for such a long time. I’ve been writing songs for 4 years, so to have it out there is a satisfying feeling — but I haven’t listened to it for myself yet.

Let It Happen: Really?

Oscar: (laughing) Not yet. I think I’m going to wait a few years until I listen to it fully. Nah, I feel good, people seem to like it which is nice.


Let It Happen: You’ve got a UK tour coming up, where are you going to be playing?

Oscar: Umm let’s see: Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, London… where have I missed? Brighton!

Let It Happen: We’ll probably be at the Bristol one.

Oscar: Yeah, that’s gonna be fun! Do you know Girli?

Let It Happen: Yeah, that was our next question!

Oscar: Okay, cool.

Let It Happen: How did you get to know Girli and what drew you to her music?

Oscar: Well she kept coming to my shows, even when I was supporting people like Hinds. She tweeted saying something like “your trousers are amazing,” and then I saw she was all in pink and thought: wow, this girl looks really cool.

I met her at my EP launch a few weeks later and realised we had quite a few mutual friends. But I didn’t realise she was a musician, I just thought she was a fan or even a fashion designer.

So yeah, I checked out her music and I really liked it, so I asked her to support me at my next London show. That’s when we hung out properly and just got on straight away.

(Girli photographed by DIY Magazine)

Let It Happen: That’s so cool. You’ve previously toured with artists like Gengahr and Bloc Party. Who would be your dream artist to tour with?

Oscar: (laughing) Christine and the Queens… or if it wasn’t her then Lana Del Rey – someone big.

Let It Happen: Finally, you used to go to an art school. Would you be able to draw us something?

Oscar: Yeah, sure (laughing)

Let It Happen: I felt a bit weird about asking that question.

Oscar: I could draw this bottle if you want?

Let It Happen: Okay, sure

Oscar: I haven’t done this for a while so this could be a bit shaky (laughing)

Here’s the drawing Oscar did for us:

Let It Happen: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and we’ll see you on your tour!


Here are our photos of Oscar and his set at Victorious Festival 2016:dsc_0483


Words and photos: Jacob Winter (@JacobWinter1912)

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