Blossoms Burst Into Life At The Institute

Stockport, indie five-piece Blossoms kicked off their biggest UK tour to date during a sold out gig at the O2 Institute, Birmingham, last night and they blew the crowd away. Spectacular lighting, sereal vocals and an emphatic crowd. The gig was purely incredible.

When the band took to the stage, the crowd was greeted with ‘Black Skinhead’ and glaring strobe lighting, following with bellowing applause and screams when Tom Ogden and co took to the stage. The band dove straight into ‘At Most A Kiss’ prompting chants from the crowd at the rhythm of the song, following by screaming the chorus back at the band. Blossoms psych-pop sound is something unique, at the moment there aren’t any other bands who have a similar sound that I’m aware of. This sound is clear in ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’. This particular song reminds me of a Temples / Arctic Monkeys with added pop kind of tune. Again the band is met with a familiar chorus of their words being fired back at them from the crowd, although slightly out of tune.

The band followed up with ‘Blow’ and the funky deep cut ‘Smashed Pianos’ ,off their UK No.1 self-titled debut album. The band are great at controlling the tempo of the set. they don’t let it get to hectic and before it does, they play much slower tempted songs such as ‘Smashed Pianos’. I feel this where their pop influences shine the most, with Tom Ogden’s voice sounding as crisp and as raw as that of Alex Turner, with a catchy beat and brilliantly crafted chorus.

The band grew into a trio of their finest indie tunes, ‘Getaway’, ‘Honey Sweet’ and ‘Blown Rose’. ‘Getaway’ prompted the entirety of the crowd jumping up and down, and signing the lyrics throughout the entirety of the 3 minute track, creating at atmosphere you’d expect from a band who come from the Manchester area.

However I feel the moment of the night was during ‘My Favourite Room’ which was played solo by Tom Ogden.  The O2 institute has a strict policy for people on shoulders. Dozens of people were on their loved ones or friends shoulders. The security attempting to get them down used only a measly battery powered torch and clicked it on and off a couple times… They gave up obviously. Towards the end of the song however, the last verse was replaced with a snippet of ‘Babybird’ classic ‘You’re Gorgeous’ which then elegantly transitioned  into ‘Half The World Away’ by Oasis. With the crowd bellowing the lyrics, Tom simply stepped away from the mic and listened to the bellowing crowd. Goosebumps stuff.

The full band returned to stage to complete a 4 song encore beginning with ‘Texia’ and ‘Deep Grass’ both meeting the warm grasp of the crowd. The band then played B-side ‘Across The Moor’, one for the hardcore fans, which was still met with applause and warm arms. Blossoms departed with the ever more brilliant  ‘Charlemagne’, which prior to performing, the crowd began chanting the tune in which Tom Ogden replied “We were gunna play that one but you guys have done it for us”.

2016 has been a rollercoaster for the band, supporting the likes of The Stone Roses at the Etihad and Kasabian at the King Power and releasing their debut album which soared to Number 1. This is however, only the beginning for a band adored by many and with so much potential.

Blossoms Played:

  • At Most A Kiss
  • Cut Me And I’ll Bleed
  • Blow
  • Smashed Pianos
  • Getaway
  • Honey Sweet
  • Blown Rose
  • My Favourite Room
  • Texia
  • Across The Moor
  • Deep Grass
  • Charlemagne


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