Radiohead release unheard b-side for a moon shaped pool special edition

Radiohead are a band that just keep giving. They mean a hell of a lot to me and many other people around the world. A few days ago, the band announced that the shipping had begun for the Special Edition version of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool‘, and with it, comes a tasty, unheard, new offering from the band.

The song, entitled ‘Ill Wind‘ appears to sound like it has come from the ‘Kid-A‘, ‘Amnesiac‘ era of Radiohead. The melody reminds me of a song that is the love child between ‘Knives Out‘ and ‘Weird Fishes‘, that entrancing guitar and percussion mixing with the elegance of Thom’s haunting vocals. With the song having a slow tempo and steady beat ; which is something we hear on the majority of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, it is clear that the song is a mixture of old and new Radiohead.  The intro begins with a very steady drum beat and soft electric guitar riff which are laden throughout the song. The soothing vocals of Thom Yorke enter and you are transported to another world in which he has created. ‘Ill Winds‘ is a typical Radiohead song. it starts slow, builds up in the middle and then slowly begins to fade away. It has elements of  acoustic and electric sounds creating the perfect balance which fits ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ perfectly.

It is a dark new offering from a band who keep evolving and changing their sound. Its an element which only Radiohead could do. The band have created some of the most brilliantly crafted songs you are ever likely to hear and ‘Ill Winds’ fits perfectly in their ever longing list of timeless songs.

The special edition comes with a double LP featuring the entirety of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ in all its glory, a 13 track CD featuring the album and two B-Sides ‘Spectre’ and the newly released ‘Ill Wind’. Furthermore it comes with a tape featuring 3 quarters of a second of audio from the bands original recording sessions for ‘Kid A’with the audio slowly becoming unplayable over time.

Hear the song below:

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