DIIV return to London

With a thriving fanbase in the UK, the New York psych-rock five piece took to London’s Electric Ballroom for a one off show. Playing London for the first time since the release of their second album ‘Is The Is Are’ excited fans immensely, especially those who attended the band’s gig at Heaven last year. Combining shoegaze euphoria with grunge rock catharsis, the band were inevitably going to put on a magical show; I can definitely vouch for their success.


The setlist was absolute bliss; mixing tracks from their debut album ‘Oshin’ and it’s prestigious follow up album, enthused the perfect balance between the messy psychedelic flavours and polished works of each. I loved how frontman Zachary asked the crowd which songs they wanted them to play, the most popular tracks being ‘Healthy Moon’, ‘Doused’ and ‘Dopamine’.

“We can’t play Valentine coz it sounds so bad live”


The band possess a certain humble nature that makes their music equally as endearing as it is beautiful. DIIV’s tone on record is so chill, but I was surprised to see the mosh pits were insane throughout and the atmosphere at the Electric Ballroom lived up to the venue name and was truly electric.

The band’s music is not only contagiously dance provoking, but are lyrical havens. Combatting a drug addiction earlier on in his career, lead singer Zach brings his experience to create beautifully emotive music.

“To that reviewer from The Guardian who used my drug abuse as a stigma, fuck you”


Refreshingly, there was a mix of ages at the gig, with sweaty drunk teens dancing amongst middle aged shoegaze appreciators.  Everyone was so engulfed in the band, we all forgot that we all had school or work the following dreary Monday morning. I cant quite put my finger on what, but DIIV have a very special quality that separates them from all current psych- indie bands. Their musical sound is so unique I couldn’t possibly compare them.

-Angel x

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