I Don’t Love Anyone (but You’re Not Just Anyone), single review

I Don’t Love Anyone (but You’re Not Just Anyone), is the new edition to Pete Doherty’s solo material. A snippet of his album, Hamburg Demonstrations, which will be released later on this year.


The song opens with a couple of simple, raw, guitar strums, in a slightly out of time sequence which gives it a really rustic feel that Pete knows how to portray oh so well.

It slowly progresses and then suddenly bursts into a more upbeat heavy tune with the catchy lyrics “I don’t love anyone but you’re not just anyone”. You get the impression it’s going to progress into something with a fairly repetitive tone however throughout the song it’s jazzed up with random twangs and pauses in true Doherty tradition. Slowing down to hum some poetic more complex lyrics and then returning back into this catchy jam. A real blend of two completely different types of song however it somehow works spectacularly.
My only criticism is its abrupt ending, it sounds like it should last quite a bit longer than in actually does but overall the song already sounds like a timeless love melody. My heart gushes for whomever this was dedicated to, truly stunning.

Pete Doherty’s done it again.

-Seonaidh x

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