“Its Deadly Yet Charming” – The Wytches Return Scarier Than Ever

The Brighton based band are notoriously known for their dark and twisted take on grunge and punk with their inflicting guitar rifts, heavy percussion and monstrous base. Whats not to love? The band have now returned with their second offering, ‘All Your Happy Life’, yet again filled to the brim with blistering beats.

Their debut ‘Annabel Dream Rider’was released in 2014 to huge appraise. Songs such as ‘Gravedweller’ ‘ Robe For Juda’ and ‘Digsaw’ have become staples for the band for their live shows. Since the release, the band have toured numerous occasions and attracted a die hard fan base, addicted to their dark powers.

‘All Your Happy Life’ is a heavy, addicting and powerful record, featuring 11 bone-crunching tunes. The intro for the record sounds like a record stuck on loop and is fitting for the set of a horror film. The transition into next track ‘C-Side’ isn’t smooth, you are just thrown in the deep end into a dark cavern. The riff in the track is catchy, the chorus is hard and it cuts deep into your ear holes. The intro track is played again through the song towards the end to create a vivid and creepy image of sinister acts. ‘Cant Face It’ features lead vocalist, Kristen Bell, using his vocal range to the max. Screeching and screaming with over the top of a deadly riff, sounding almost agitated like that of FIDLAR.

‘A Feeling We Get’ and ‘Throned’ are two of the more slowed down tracks on the album. Still heavy, yet the tempo is weaker and less fast paced as some of the other tracks. By far the best track on the record ‘Ghost House’ has Bell screeching “double cross everyone you know” over one hell of a bad-ass guitar riff, producing a sound that is un-world like. The distorted guitars and thunderous bass drum hit you like a train during the intro as it swings right in to an electrifying pre-chorus. The 5 minute 30 second track is blistering and as dark and twisted and everything else on the record.

Second single ‘Crest Of Death’ is almost like a gory pop song and with Bell screaming ‘Crest Of Death’ as soon as you plunge into the song, you know its going to be one heck of a dark turn. Its a quick song, lasting just under 2 minutes but is also one of the most old school Wytches songs on the record. Deep cuts ‘A Dead Night Again’ and ‘Dumb -Fill’ sounding darker and much more creepy then the opening tracks on the record. its as if the record gets more weirder as you listen to it. ‘Home’, the last track on the record is one of The Wytches more, quieter moments (if at all possible). Its a slow and dragging track featuring piano scores and a slow beat played on the drums to grind the album to a gradule halt right at the last track.

The band seem to be searching for themselves. What their right sound is and what direction they should be heading. This record seems to show that they have found their direction. Its deadly yet charming.

The Wytches are currently on tour with Jamie T and are taking part in their own headline tour in November of this year. This is a tour no one should miss if you are familiar with the band. Tickets can be purchased here.


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