Storming onto the scene from Sweden, masters of minimalistic alt-rock Pale Honey are back with ‘Real Thing’. The single is a starting springboard to launch promotion for their second album, which is expected to be released in early 2017 via Bolero Recordings.

The drum led, dynamic duo have fleshed out their moody melodies once again, a year after the release of their self titled debut. The track opens with a riveting and rousing riff,  followed with textured bursts of gritty guitar throughout. Urging the listener to ‘[please] come closer’, the pair know what they want and they know so well, as songstress Tuva Lodmark channels and conveys confidence with such ease. A combination of distortion and direction, with an air of self assurance, ‘Real Thing’ will hit the listener with the right punch of power.

Lodmark claims she ‘[..] can’t slow down’ and the album draws nearer, nothing will be stopping Pale Honey from thriving as they stab at the world of alternative rock and take another step forward within their own sound.




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