Australia’s finest, Trophy Eyes, have finally dropped their massively anticipated sophomore album ‘Chemical Miracle’, and it is simply one of the finest modern pop punk albums to ever grace my ears.

The record opens with previously released, and already fan favourite ‘Chlorine’ which kicks the album off with a powerful beginning. With it’s ambient poppy guitars and energetic vocal deliverance from frontman John Floreani, the song is the perfect reflection of the band’s sound and a clear indication of what is to come. The track is peppered with infectious melodies, that are impossible to forget, the Aussies waste no time in setting the bar high.

Hitting heavy and fast, ‘Counting Sheep’ is an explosive punk anthem with gritty, minor key riffing and a punchy half-speed chorus. The song is an inclination to some classic punk rock, evoking a vibe that will be familiar to long-term fans of the genre. During the outro, the driving punk-ness is changed to a swinging, epic passage that would make punk forefathers Green day proud.

‘Nose Bleed’ is a fast paced belter with screaming guitars in the intro that effortlessly give way to a softly picked clean line. The screeching guitars are accompanied by punchy drum beats and catchy vocal to and fro acrobatics from Floreani and bassist Winchester. The track has Floreani showing off his harsher vocal range that extend beyond his angst-ridden cleans.

The record takes a slower turn with ‘Heaven Sent’, showing the band’s emotional depth. Slightly distorted guitars lay the foundation for Floreani to recall the rollercoaster ride of failed relationships, it is drenched in honesty. The chorus hits hard with ‘Stay away from me, now that you know what kind of man I can be’. The song builds up and up, resulting in a soaring guitar and vocal attack into a final repeated chorus.

The more recently released single ‘Breathe You In’ is yet another bright and electric offering following a similar vein to opening track, ‘Chlorine’. Feel-good vocals envelop the track alongside instrumentation that trickles between sadness and enthusiasm. Expertly crafted harmonies soak through the mix, creating a positive and heart-warming atmosphere. The accompanying music video, filmed at a theme park, is an equally joyous experience and the perfect partner to the track.

Featuring more furious verbal splattering from Floreani, ‘Miracle’ is jam-packed with grand guitar chimes and unified rhythmic pulses building until the final chord is struck. Emotion pours through the vocals, ‘Who’s gonna miss me? Who the fuck’s gonna miss me?’.

‘Chemical Miracle’ is absolutely golden. Recent years have seen an army of pop punk driven bands making odes to the golden era of the genre, yet no other has managed to hit the mark quite like Trophy Eyes. The album as a whole is emotionally heavy, heart wrendering and refreshing. BUY THIS ALBUM!



Ben Davies


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