Born Stranger seem to have been influenced by many artists with alternative-pop sounds when making this beautiful track – I really get a feel of a Bastille sound. But, what makes it so unique is that they’ve taken sounds from other artists but made it their own and laced it with their own incredible qualities like electro-pop.  We all love a bit of a dance, and this song is definitely one you can dance to!

Vocally, leadman Maddox Jones holds stunning vocals which are raw and passionate, which are just a wonder to my eardrums. They are spellbinding – and his vocals gives me goosebumps *sigh*. And, with a hint of playful drum beats, it couldn’t get any better *double sigh*.

Having a simple and contemporary sound but also having a creative burst of energy crammed all into one melodic and soulful tune can sometimes go very wrong and sound rather messy sometimes – but this works so, so well for them no doubt and I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for these two ambitious men who make perfect music.

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