NAI HARVEST ❤️ (2011-2016) a tribute

Beloved Sheffield emo punk revivalists called it quits on their five year journey of being a band back in October to focus on other projects, after ‘quitting jobs and missing uni for tours’.

It was announced that drummer Lew Currie was heading off to Copenhagen to study a masters in Game Art, Design & Development while guitarist and vocalist Ben Thompson is starting a new music project under the alias of ‘Luxury Death’ alongside his girlfriend.

The band are currently half way through their last ‘greatest hits’ shows. Their final hometown show took place on Saturday at the Queens Social Club and they are playing London’s Kamio (Red Gallery) this Friday.

The band were renowned for their influence from ’90s emo and alt-pop and were described as a pop-punk spot between ‘King of the Beach’ era Wavves and Cloud Nothings. 

Their music is an enjoyable listen because of its lack of innovation, rather than in spite of it. Nai Harvest had such a novelty about them, taking notes from American Football and Mineral. 

Nai Harvest always stood out, with their grunge-esque style of clothing and bowl cuts. Over the course of five years, Nai evolved from a self-described “twinkly” emo project into a ’90s alternative rock sound. Along the way they made some amazing records – Hairball being the stand out and personal favourite of mine as well as the Hold Open My Head EP which was an intriguing transition point for the band. 

They will be greatly missed and we will remain forever hopeful for a return of some sorts in the future. Thompson’s ‘Luxury Death’ have a few songs out and I highly recommend checking them out and keeping your eyes peeled for what’s to come!


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