Earlier on today, we interviewed Will, Matt and Brad from Plaza and we talked making music, Nandos, band names and cheesy chips. Plaza are a young upcoming band from Hartlepool in the North East and if you haven’t already checked them out then I strongly urge you to do so: (

The boys kindly chatted to us before they got a Nandos, so, we thought we’d please the people by inquiring about their Nandos order. It’s a quarter chicken for Matt, halloumi for Will and lemon and herb chicken thighs for Brad. Boneless chicken thighs. You’re welcome.They have been together for about a year and a half and are having a good time playing good music together, although Matt told us that Brad and Will always have arguments and he’s the one who has to “get in the middle of them” and keep the peace. But hey, art comes from pain right?

We asked Plaza about their name, whether it’s always been the same, and where it comes from. Matt and Will were in another band previously (whose name they did not want to disclose), and Brad was also in a different band, and then they “kinda left” and their bands merged, and as far as they can remember, it’s always been Plaza. We were also told that Brad is the diva of the band, although he wasn’t entirely sure what that meant.

We were informed that they have lots of different stories about where the name ‘Plaza’ came from. The first is that Brad went to Spain, and near his parents’ apartment is a cafe called Plaza. And apparently, he liked the cafe so much he had to name the band after it, each to their own I suppose. Also, the guys were on holiday in Brooklyn and Brad bought cigarettes called Plaza, and Brad’s mum and dad have also got a champagne called Plaza, which Will drank. So, perhaps all of these separate events were contributing factors in the decision to name the band Plaza. You can’t argue with that.

The boys told us that in their early days, they were influenced a lot by Jaws and also massively by Foals, early Foals music, like Antidote. But “as [they] started writing [their] own songs [they] kind of moved away from that a bit”. We were told that their other influences include Five Guys Burgers and Miles Davis. They’re also really into grime music, but don’t explore that in their own music. “We like bands that play at Leeds Festival”.

The Plaza guys have been to Leeds Fest for three years in a row and told us that they don’t particularly want to go back this year but will probably end up going back, however they’re really keen to try something new.

We asked Plaza to describe themselves in five words, not realising how difficult this question would be, it became quite some feat. But here are the words they came up with: sweg, weed, chicken, pussy, drugs, cleanlivin’, family, fitness, exercise, biking, protein, five-a-day, fruit, fruit-veg, animals, vegan, cool, ambient (Matt’s favourite), yoga, bass, jazz, pop, space, afro-Cuban, yellow, funk, “Northern soul”. But after discovering the difficulties the question presented, they decided to skip it.

We asked Plaza about their favourite and least favourite places to play are. They said they really liked Little Building in Newcastle and ‘that shed in Darlington’. They also all agreed that they really like playing the studio. Their least favourite place to play is Eiger Studios, Leeds “the worst venue in the world”. I’m unsure of whether I should include that, but I think I’ve done it anyway.

We finished by asking Plaza to name their favourite things about 2015. This was a pretty long list which included getting girlfriends, Star Wars The Force Awakens, a trip to Thailand, their tour, Leeds Fest and Summer (although, they weren’t happy with including Summer because it makes them sound “corny”).

I’d like to thank Brad, Matt and Will for chatting with us, look out for these guys, next year is going to bang for them. And keep your eyes peeled for a potential tour announcement in the maybe-near future.



Thanks boys, was a pleasure speaking to you .

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