Sundara Karma- Olympia

Having already announced their soon to be released debut album ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’, these guys have surprised us all with a new EP ‘Olympia.’

Sundara Karma are a four-piece from Reading. Their music is incredibly catchy, packed with energy and a punchy pop/rock sound. If you’re a fan of Blossoms and Catfish & The Bottlemen I would definitely recommend you listen to them!

Olympia undoubtably gives a promising glimpse into their big and bright future. The track features a continuous guitar riff, alongside frontman Oscar’s gliding vocals. I would say this is a relatively slow song compared to some of their previous EPs, however, still fun and equally exhilarating. The sound captures the vibes of The Maccabees and Blossoms, resulting in a thrilling result.

This band, with their youthful enthusiasm and infectious music, I suspect, have plenty more amazing music to come.

The song is officially out now on Spotify and you can hear it right here:

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