The Killers // Peace Of Mind


This previously unreleased track surfaced earlier this month on the 7th October. The demo was originally created for their sophomore album, 2006’s Sam’s Town. The album was released on the 2nd October 2006 and the band felt something special was due for its 10 year anniversary. The reissue of the album (available on vinyl) includes 2 new tracks; Peace of Mind and Pet Shop Boys’ remix of Read My Mind.

The track itself sounds great and personally I think it should have had a place on the original album. Sounding like a classic The Killers song, Peace of Mind has all of their admirable elements fused into one track.


The slow intro contains very little instruments but slowly begins to build as Brandon Flowers’ melodic voice enters the song. The beginning of the song tricks you into believing the chorus hits you right away. Each time the song transitions, a new dimension is added; whether it be backing vocals, another instrument, or even just a stronger sound on a particular area.

Halfway through the song, a strong piano accompaniment is added and suddenly backing singers. By this point, the song has strengthened and sounds more like one of the band’s classics. This is the pinnacle of the song, and the song seems to be fairly symmetrical in terms of the beginning and the end. The outro, a reflection of the intro, falls into a lull before ending sweetly.

The Killers have re-entered the studio and we should all be looking forward to new material coming soon!


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