The Vryll Society take on The Sugarmill

Having spent a lot of my time in The Sugarmill in Stoke, I notice that on weeknights, bands don’t really get a large audience, it’s usually twenty to thirty people enjoying the music. But having a good line-up of bands on, it got a pretty impressive turnout. Even though it wasn’t completely full. I think the line-up of good quality psychedelic bands playing was the factor in why The Sugarmill was fuller than usual. Three bands played and they are all as good as each other.

The first band who I have never heard of before hopped onto the stage, they looked like a stereotypical Indie band, five lads with long hair and funky trousers on. But once they started playing their music, it seemed to me that they were anything but a stereotypical Indie band – they were different. Tame Impala and Primal Scream all mixed into one sound was perfection to my ears. The Stoke based band were funky and they engaged with the crowd, making us laugh and introducing themselves as Psyence. I couldn’t comprehend how good they were and it was mind blowing. They were the perfect support act for The Vryll Society and co-headliners Hidden Charms; they all have similar sounds. Psyence had a short but very sweet set full of energy. (I’ve never seen a bass player go for it as much as the bass player in Psyence, it was fun to watch!).

Co-headliners, Hidden Charms were very very impressive to say the least, having never given them a chance; they didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Their enthusiasm circulated around The Sugarmill and they went for it. Their new single ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ went down a treat with the crowd, earning a few dances and cheers. Their Alternative vibes shine through their psych-rock melodies. But what I enjoyed the most about this band, was their love they had for their music they were playing. You could tell they wanted it, and in that moment I felt all of their energy surround me. It was a pretty spectacular moment hence not ever listening to them before – I’d never given them a chance.


The main act of the night – The Vryll Society really know how to make stunning, psychedelic music and when performed live it’s even more exciting. Lead vocalist’s famous techno dance moves really sets an atmosphere, it gets everyone riled up and going. I’ve seen these guys before when they supported Blossoms on tour back in March and I’ve never forgotten their charisma and determination to make something of themselves in the music scene. Their tracks live are heavenly, such as ‘Beautiful Faces’ and their new single ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ which is a catchy, beautiful and it’s laced with liquid influenced sounds.


Personally, I think they have so much potential to be big but I just don’t think many people are giving them a chance or are giving themselves a chance to get lost in their music. They are young and they are progressing at a rather fast pace, and they deserve a lot more recognition than they are getting. They have a smooth sound and every note and beat is perfect. I find them refreshing to listen to whether it is live or through my earphones, they create music which fits all types of moods, and the diversity of it is actually quite overwhelming..but in a good way! It’s music which has an intelligent twist to it, and even performed live there’s no mess up’s, it’s all wavy and beautiful.

I just hope and pray, they start to produce a new album.
Below: The Vryll Society (photographed at Swn Festival, Cardiff)


Below: Hidden Charms (photographed at Swn Festival, Cardiff)


Words: Georgia Blackman (@urlgeo)

Photos: Jacob Winter (@JacobWinter1912)

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