JAWS Release ‘Just A Boy’ and I Preview ‘Simplicity’.

With one week to go until we can finally get our hands on the highly anticipated second album from Jaws, the band have released their 4th single for the record, “Just A Boy” and like the previous three, it’s an absolute belter.

The song is track listed as the first song on the record and seems to be the perfect way to open the record. ‘Just A Boy’ is laden with that sweet reverbed guitar we are used to with Jaws, with the band also adding heavier guitar riffs into their music. This new element from the band can be seen in and alone single ‘Bad Company’ and the first song taken from the album, ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’.

”Im just a boy, but I’ll be a better man” rings Connor Schofield over an epic bass line and a monumentally good guitar riff. We then get a similar, epic guitar solo to that of ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ with the guitars screeching and Eddy Geach pounding away at the drums. The band have taken elements from grunge and shoe gaze and have combined them brilliantly on this final single, with the shoe gaze style of Diiv and Nothing shinning through in this track.

Ultimately, each track that Jaws have released for this album are all spectacularly good. ‘What We Haven’t Got yet’ ‘Right In Front Of Me’ and ‘Work It Out’ have already set the tone for what we can expect from the album, but with the added song ‘Just A Boy’ we really can’t contain our excitement.

Above is the artwork for the 4 singles that have been released, they are all unique and are very appealing, with bright colours that are mixed together in an eye-catching way, they are simplistic yet appealing and portray the title of the album in a very distinctive way.  The artist who designed them, Dan Whitehouse, has done an exceptionally good job and has produced some go my favourite artwork I’ve seen this year. You can follow him on Instagram here.


On September 15th, I attended a gig to see ‘Nothing’ in Birmingham, to my shock I ran into Connor and we talked for around half an hour, where I spoke to him about ‘Simplicity’.

Connor said “We wrote a lot of songs for this album and I feel that the songs on this record are some of the best songs we’ve written. They are way better than anything we’ve done before”.

We first heard a taster for ‘Simplictiy’ way back in September of last year and it has taken a year for new material to be released.

I asked why this was and Connor replied by saying ”We didn’t want to release an album in late spring or the summer period. Everyone’s too bothered about festivals. We want to be able to release an album then tour it”.

With the band having waited it out to November to release the record, we here at Let It Happen really can’t wait to hear what the band have been up to for the past year and a half. If what we’ve heard so far is anything to go by, this may we’ll be one of the best records this year.

Pre-Order ‘Simplicity’ on Vinyl or on iTunes here:

You can also catch Jaws on a uk tour this November/December! Buy tickets here.


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