New band SPINN make their debut with single ‘Green Eyes’.


Finding their sound and finally mastering it to be able to produce their debut single ‘Green Eyes’, the fresh band SPINN from Liverpool are finally setting things straight and releasing their material. The band consists of Jonathon Quinn (guitar, vocals) Andy Power (lead guitar) Sean McLachlan (bass) Ethan Doyle (drums).

‘Green Eyes’ has had thousands of listeners within the first few days of releasing it on Soundcloud, they are thriving and it’s really exciting to see what the future holds for them.

The track is fresh and laid back with edgy sounds and many characteristics swirling around their persona, with the likes of The Smiths which are heavily touched by the vocals and even the bass and guitar sounds are heavily influenced by not just The Smiths, but also JAWS. They have essentially mixed older and modern sounds together and it works perfectly.  It’s a simplistic track which is laced with stunning reverbs and wavy vocals all mixing into one remarkable track.

Upcoming gigs:

Parr Street Studio 2 – November 18th

Zanzibar – 26th November

Headline Show @ Parr Street – December 15th


SPINN have finally released ‘Green Eyes’ onto Spotify.

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