Blaenavon // My Bark Is Your Bite

Today, Blaenavon released the long-awaited single My Bark Is Your Bite along with b-side You Pretty Little Thing.

The artwork for this coincides with their recent EP ‘Lets Pray’ and remains within the theme of abstractly painted faces. Although Blaenavon always do a great job in terms of their artwork, their real talent resides with songwriting.


My Bark Is Your Bite sounds like a traditional song of theirs whilst still claiming it’s own unique identity. The introductory guitar riff is catchy however the real highlight of the song is Ben’s silvery voice trickling in and out. After the first chorus, the guitar riff is reintroduced before the melody returns to the voice. The song is also fairly symmetrical with the intro reflecting the outro. The echoing effect of the outro is a perfect ending to this single.

B-side, You Pretty Little Thing, sounds like fairly new territory to this promising band. The guitar accompanies Ben’s mellow voice perfectly. This new, acoustic sound explored by the band has had a very successful effect. This is a strong contender for my favourite song of theirs. The plosive sounds in the lyrics of the final verse go hand in hand with the quiet plucking of the acoustic guitar to create a relaxing outro.

With only a couple of full EPs under their belt, it’s easy to predict that this band has great things in store. Ones to watch out for in the future!

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