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Dantevilles are a four-piece Manchester based band, redefining normal pop to fun and danceable alternative music. Their unique sound has captured the attention of many audiences.

Members include Jamie: Vocals/Guitar, Connor: Vocals/Bass, Paul: Guitar, and Cory: Drums.

I had a chance to chat to them before their This Feeling gig at Nambucca in London.




LIH: How did you guys form? Did you all meet at school?

Jamie: No
Connor: No. Basically, these two knew each other from Uni- Paul and Jamie. I knew Jamie from high school and we found Cory on the street.. no um then me, Paul and Jamie moved into a house in Fallowfield together. We started recording some demos, I had to sleep on an air bed for a month (always like to get that one in there!) Then we just started jamming at rehearsal space during 2014. We had our first gig in October that year at Night and Day so that was like the formation
Jamie: It was quite sentimental because the last gig we did there was the This Feeling one and it was exactly two years since we played

LIH:Your music has been described as ‘uplifting and danceable’, what genre would you describe your music?

Connor: Happy hardcore!
Jamie: Yeah happy hardcore with a bit of funk
Cory: With a bit of reggae
Paul: It has a funk influence
Connor: I suppose it has to go down as being pop
Jamie: It’s popular music. We write pop but with a bit of a twist

LIH: Your latest single perfect place is great guys! The video is really cool- where was it filmed?

Jamie: Thank you very much
Connor: All around the city centre
Jamie: Oh you mean on the roof? That’s like Northern Manchester
Cory: Chatsworth House it’s called
Connor: We had this guy and he let us on his roof. We were all being stupid jumping around on the top of this roof and it was fucking high! Then he came up and said, ‘Oi, can you stop banging please we can hear that through there.’ I fell over, cut my hand on some gravel but yeah it was just filmed on a really nice day, couldn’t have got a better day. It was in the middle of summer, perfect weather hence perfect place.
Jamie: The sunset was amazing
Connor: It was Matt Goff who did it for us
Jamie: Shoutout to Matt Goff
Connor: Yeah he is a legend!

LIH: In regards to the song, where would your perfect place be?

Jamie: Manchester
Cory: I don’t know
Jamie: At my mum and dad’s house in Blackburn for Christmas day
Connor: Oh my god! I knew he would say that. Mine would be um.. no I can’t say it. I was going to say something funny but it won’t sound funny on the interview…
Cory: Mine would be on the sofa watching TV
Paul: Watching the Simpsons
Connor: On a beach with a beer in my hand
Cory: With a TV. I don’t like anything on the TV really
Connor: You watch more TV than anyone! Thats Cory by the way, he plays the drums. But all in all I recon our perfect place at the minute is probably Manchester because it’s where we live
Jamie: It’s buzzing at the minute as well
Connor: Yeah, it’s where everything has happened

LIH: So recently you have been playing a lot of This Feeling gigs, how has it all been going? Have they helped you as a band?

Jamie: Really fucking well! The reaction has been really amazing to be honest
Connor: It has helped us develop as some of the bands that you’re playing with are like really good. Apparently they choose the best upcoming bands to be selected, it helps us get out of Manchester and go round the country a bit more and spread the word. Also they give you free Jack Daniels and they got us playing Xfm which also helps
Jamie: They helped us play Leeds. Leeds festival was pretty damn good. Red Hot Chili Peppers were pretty damn good too
Connor: Not as good as us

LIH: I read that you supported Blossoms, how was that?

Jamie: Yeah they personally picked us
Connor: Yeah we supported them three times over the space of about three days. They released their album at midnight at Stockport Plaza, so we opened for them. There was only us supporting and Stockport Plaza is where they do theatre shows and stuff like that. The stewards were trying to stop people from going in the aisles!
Jamie: The stewards were not expecting it. They were like, ‘Get off the aisles!’ They were literally throwing stuff off the balcony
Connor: Yeah trying to dance and that. It was a really good tour, that was another step up
Cory: We were the first band ever to play at that place
Connor: Yeah, we were the first band to play at Stockport Plaza, no other band has ever played there before
Jamie: Yeah, there’s a bit of history for you
Connor: I recon the Gorilla one was better. It was just packed and dead sweaty. I know that sounds weird but everyone was just loving it and because a load of people who saw them on the Thursday came on the Sunday, they knew our tunes a bit more
Jamie: Got a lot of singing back, it was pretty good!
Connor: Good few days! Then we had to go back to work on the Monday

LIH: So you’re all from Manchester, what’s the music scene like there?

Jamie: Buzzing! It’s rocker at the minute, loads of bands are coming out. There’s Cabbage and they are doing really good
Connor: We all seem to know each other as well, so we will bump into each other at certain gigs or places and everyone knows each other, its really good. I was speaking to someone when we were in Camden and they were saying the Manchester scene compared to the London scene at the moment, because its so small and there are so many different venues to pick from, its a lot better apparently.
Paul: It’s really concentrated
Jamie: Very accessible as well, like London you have to get that thing downstairs which takes the mick, that thing called the tube. Not a massive fan but yeah in Manchester you can just walk from venue to venue
Connor: They have got quite a few festivals coming through too like Neighbourhood that we played this year and Dot to Dot
Jamie: It’s about the atmosphere in Manchester
Connor: Manchester are starting to produce bands that are good again. We have the booms every now and then. Seems like we are having a boom at the moment, hopefully we will be part of it!

LIH: What music do you listen to which inspires your songwriting?

Connor: One of our tunes ‘Sea Of Change’ has during the chorus a drop line, in the second half of the chorus. I was listening to Amy Winehouse at the time and she did this like scoop, I don’t know how to describe it. We listen to a range of bands really
Jamie: We listen to everything. The best thing about out band I think, is that we all take our influences individually and then we just bring this new, fresh sound
Connor: It depends on what night it is. Bands mainly I would say Stone Roses, they have heavily influenced me
Paul: I would say Led Zeppelin
Jamie: I would say The Smiths
Cory: What
Connor: That’s his!
Cory: I thought you were going to say The Beatles
Jamie: No, no I will say The Beatles because he does love The Smiths. I thought you personally meant as a band what we listen to. Individually it would definitely be The Beatles
Connor: Corys is The Smiths
Jamie: Sorry about that bro
Connor: We listen to The Streets on a regular basis and garage music
Jamie: The New Radicals are our driving tunes

LIH: What was the first song you played/learnt on your instruments?

Connor: Definitely be Wonderwall probably. I played guitar before bass and well, actually what was that song called? We had the same guitar teacher, this guy called Mick Smith
Jamie: Shoutout to Mick Smith because he has taught me everything I know
Connor: I was only there for three weeks but he gave us that song
Jamie: It was called.. um like Smoke on the Water but like BCDC
Connor: You know when you first pick up a guitar its a fucking alien, that’s what it was like
Jamie: Didn’t even know how to hold it
Paul: My first one was called ‘Going Gaga.’ The Gaga came from the fact it went G,A,G,A. It was tough
Jamie: First proper tune, mine would be Smoke on the Water or Come As You Are by Nirvana
Connor: I was in a band before this and we used to play kasabian tunes

LIH: And lastly, what are your plans for the future? Any upcoming shows?

Connor: Biggest band in the world!
Jamie: Take over the world! Well the gigs we have got coming up are, we are playing a little intimate gig in Fallowfield in Manchester on Paul’s birthday- yeah he is 67
Connor: Is that the next one? We are in the studio next week, two weeks time to record our two new singles, coming out around January I think. We have just got, I suppose a record deal.
Jamie: Highstore Hit
Connor: They are going to be putting the tracks out there. We have got the recording and then this intimate set, then we play December next. We are playing 9th in Camden
Jamie: That’s for Camden Rocks
Connor: Yeah Camden Rocks, its a festival. What else are we doing?
Jamie: We have one in Manchester and Pale Waves on the same day. We are supporting Pale Waves at Deaf Institute in Manchester, that’s December 17th
Connor: We are on stage at Deaf Institute supporting Pale Waves until 7 until 7:30pm, then we have to be at the Manchester festival at 8 o’clock
Jamie: Got the Taxi’s booked already!
Connor: We are going to be chucking everything in the taxi, drive round and walk back on stage again. We will turn up like, ‘Hey guys, we’re really enthusiastic about this, hope you are.’ Oh yeah Paul’s at a wedding down south somewhere
Paul: In Northampton
Connor: That’s in December, then we have got big things in 2017 for This Feeling. They select the bands they think are going to be big in 2017, so we are apparently one of them. Then we have our first headline tour which is going to be in March/April, so our first spring tour. The singles will be coming out on vinyl as well and then obviously it’s festival season, so going to be busy
Jamie: Busy, busy, busy




Be sure to check these guys out! Thanks so much to Dantevilles and This Feeling for a great night

Lauren x

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